Unreal Engine 4 Demo Shows 18 FPS Improvement on DirectX 12 Using Same Hardware

GameRevolution: "With the release of Windows 10 many PC gamers are wondering what DirectX 12 means for the future of gaming. Up to this point it hasn't been very clear. Anecdotes point toward better performance in many modern games, but there hasn't been much to back up the claims.

An Unreal Engine 4 project creator that goes by the name CryZENx decided that he wanted to test DirectX 12 to see what it's all about for himself. His intrigue resulted in him porting over the Unreal Engine 4 Elemental Demo that Epic Games has used to sell its software. The results are surprising."

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DevilOgreFish1194d ago

Great news for developers using UE4. I assume this will greatly help Scalebound as well.

PC_601194d ago

The big performance boosts from DX12 is for PC, it is limited on xbox one and has been stated by the head of xbox as well

MeliMel1194d ago

I know its been stated that it wont have a big boost on Xbox. But would it make optimization on Xbox One better? Im assuming it will make things easier than what it is now, no?

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DevilOgreFish1194d ago (Edited 1194d ago )

I believe there was an article some days ago stating that the boost effects all devices running the API. The 7 series GPU isn't much different than it's PC version.

RzaDaRazor1194d ago

He didn't say it would be "limited". He said it wouldn't be "dramatic". There's a HUGE difference in those two statements.

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Charybdis1194d ago (Edited 1194d ago )

Guess we will have to wait for the xb1 using direct x 12 to see if it will make a difference

SniperControl1194d ago


The X1 is already running a low level API, so while there will be an improvement, it certainly wont be a massive one.

DevilOgreFish1194d ago

Found it. 1600% api efficiency boost even with lower level hardware.

The xbox one also runs a form of Dx11, nothing like mantle which is owned by AMD. The efficiency boost is strictly between api pipelines.

zeuanimals1194d ago (Edited 1194d ago )

The reason it's limited is because DX12 helps PCs code to the metal by simplifying the optimization process and cutting a lot of overhead. The tools were extremely limited before and for them to code to the metal, they would essentially have to focus on each individual PC setup they can think of. They'd essentially be treating each PC setup like it's own console with dedicated teams working on each, and there's millions of different setups they'd have to do that on. It's just not possible. If they were somehow able to do that, the game would be best played on the hardware that it was optimized for, meaning more powerful hardware in the future might not be as good for the game since it's not optimized for it, or they might have to go back and optimize their game for every new card that releases.

The Xbox One is already able to code to the metal because each and every Xbox One has pretty much the same hardware (a future Xbox One Slim might have slightly different internals). The tools are also simplified and specific for the Xbox One, allowing for the best possible use of the console's power. What DX12 would do for it would probably simplify it further, but I don't see how that's possible unless they weren't simplified enough, in which case they don't really even need DX12, they could just improve the API so devs could code to the metal better. An OS that uses less RAM would probably do better for the system than DX12. I'm pretty sure the new OS is gonna do that for the Xbox One and that's what I'm excited about in regards to the Xbox One. DX12 excites me for what it does for PCs.

GameNameFame1194d ago (Edited 1194d ago )


Yea. It will be minor update that isnt out of norm for a console. Meaning it really wont reduce any gap here.

Project Car has been a pretty example that even with X1 getting all these "updates", PS4 has been getting upgrades quietly upto a point that it actually increased the gap.


From MS devs themselves. DX12 is "console-level efficiency on PC"


yea. All devices that isnt running optimized currently.

X1 already is running low level API. How does it benefit getting what it already has?

Listen to MS dev. Grasping straws dont help anyone.

starchild1194d ago (Edited 1194d ago )

No matter what improvements do or do not occur on the Xbox One with DX12, you won't likely notice them. The reason for this is that games made for DX12 on XB1 will only be able to run on that API. You won't be able to switch back and forth or do benchmarks to see the performance gains, so there will be nothing to compare.

The only way you might be able to notice is if the performance gains are so significant that developers are able to use those freed-up resources to make noticeably better looking games. But this is a big if, to be honest.

I'm not trying to discourage anyone, nor am I saying there won't be any improvements due to DX12, I'm just saying that it will likely be hard to see or prove any gains.

The same would be true on the PC for that matter if games released only supporting DX12. You would never know the difference. The games would simply look how they look and run how they run and we wouldn't know them any other way. It's only when you can run the same game on two different APIs and see or benchmark the performance gains that you would realize how much DX12 is improving things.

XBLSkull1194d ago

This is huge, that's putting a 30FPS game pretty darn close to the 60FPS realm just with a software upgrade.

starchild1194d ago

Yeah, this UE4 DX12 demo is cool because it shows that even games that are simply ported to DX12 can still see significant performance improvements. This bodes well for games like Deus Ex Mankind Divided and The Witcher 3, which are supposed to get DX12 updates.

Truthandreason1194d ago


All consoles present and past have always been programmed the most efficient way possible from the start, so there is really nothing more to gain.

The PC never had this advantage because it uses differing components. With DX12 programmers can now get "closer to the metal". We have always relied on the middle man to convert code to each gpu making programming easier but not as efficient. DX12 gets rid of the middleman while still keeping it easy I hope. Consoles never had that middleman because programmers always had the same hardware to develop for so there was no need to make the code work on different setups.

Azzanation1194d ago

Xbox also stated that XB1 wont sell without Kinect..

shloobmm31193d ago

No he never said it wouldnt be a big boost. You don't know what he meant by moderate. To him moderate might be double the original FPS. You are just hoping it will be a lot more insignificant.

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maybelovehate1194d ago

That is good to hear. I think Gears and Fable Legends are both using UE4.

Articuno761194d ago

Finally great to hear something resembling the kinds of gains we'd see in a real-world scenario.

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