Smite, the battlefield of the Gods, hit the Xbox One

MOBAs have grown exceedingly in popularity in recent years, but rarely stray from the "mouse-and-keyboard-PC-ma ster-race" crowd. Now, Hi-Rez studio's Smite is available for console players on Xbox One. How does it stack up compared to the PC version?

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Kal0psia1220d ago

I can't stop playing this game. It's amazing. I still can't figure why I haven't tried it on PC yet.

justinprince1220d ago

it's alot of fun, i find that communication is better on PC. Unless you have a headset, conq matches are a bloody pain! I played several matches and not one had anothe headset user. One game did and all we kept doing was talking about how they were feeding too much. Get on PC yo!