New Sea of Thieves Art/Wallpaper

Rare just posted a Sea of Thieves wallpaper on their twitter account.Those looking for a bit of Sea of Thieves art to round out their week should check it out.

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slappy5081166d ago

A fine kettle of fish that is, me matey! Garrr!

_-EDMIX-_1166d ago

Why is PC not tagged? Didn't they say this game is coming out for PC? i it still coming out on both?

StrayaKNT1167d ago

The art style is amazing. Can't wait for this game, one of my most anticipated titles for next year

_-EDMIX-_1166d ago

Agreed, I want to know what that shared world is like. I wonder if it has cross play from XONE to PC

StrayaKNT1166d ago

I think it would be cross play. I hope so anyway.

Lionalliance1166d ago

Wait, is that the old rare logo?!

maybelovehate1166d ago

Very nice, love the art style.