WWE 2K16 @ Gamescom 2015 – Will it be the game that the fans want?

James writes - "Now that more details have emerged from Gamescom 2015, courtesy of 2K, we thought we’d take a look at whether WWE 2K16 is making the improvements that the fans have been asking for."

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neil3631167d ago

Well, WWE2K15 was a disappointment so it certainly should be an improvement.

curtis921166d ago

Obviously it'll be an improvement on 2k15. personally, I think the changes they've announced so far are nothing but good.

jackwei221166d ago

Still though they aren't making the controls simple as they were with WWE Smackdown:- Here Comes The Pain which even made non-wrestling games play that game as it had the fun factor too.

LatinGamer2141166d ago

I do like the fact you can control the wrestler coming down to the ring. I believe it's the first ever you can do that. And custom music is back that's a cool point in my book. And crazy list of superstars 120 i believe = awesome :)

GameBoyColor1166d ago

I think they said they wont fill the 120 with different era versions :D

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DeadlyFire1166d ago (Edited 1166d ago )

Wait. Wait. Custom music is back? Didn't see that in the news yet....

LatinGamer2141166d ago

Yep sure is man. Head on over to and all the info is there and i believe ign said it as well. Can't Wait :)

rocky0475861166d ago

Yeah Gameboycolor, they always keep the newest animated moves, for sure.

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