Five PS4 Announcements You Should Expect at Paris Games Week

Push Square: "It's been a funny ol' Gamescom, hasn't it? There's been some big news from third-party publishers, but it's definitely felt like something has been missing – mainly Sony. Without a PlayStation press conference, we've been left searching for scraps of news rather than tucking into a main course of announcements and trailers. And that's a shame, because the German convention is honestly one of our favourite shows. Of course, the silver lining is that the Japanese giant's not done yet: it's still got the Tokyo Game Show, Paris Games Week, and the possibility of a second annual PlayStation Experience in its crosshairs. So, in keeping with the European theme of the week, here are five things that we expect the platform holder to announce for the PS4 outside the Eiffel Tower this October."

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PC_601172d ago

Hoping for no man sky release date for PS4 and PC

Jerry Seinfeld1172d ago

I keep forgetting about that game. Though every time I'm reminded of it I remember how much I want it!

madworld1172d ago (Edited 1172d ago )

Well in my opinion there is going be more remasters and less first party games not like PS3 era and that is so freaking bad guys and ps4 will not get any triple AAA games in holidays just remasters guys in this generation from Sony and for your note I have Ps4+X1+Pc so please spare me guys this is my opinion and I'm not a fan of those companies in other hand I well hope to see Rime,Uncharted 4,red dead,another demo of horizon and new triple AAA first party and less remasters Hopefully.

ocelot071172d ago

You act like Sony is the only one doing the remasters.

GameBoyColor1172d ago (Edited 1172d ago )

I feel like the gears remaster is unnecessary too buddy. And the difinitive eidition for ori.

TwoForce1172d ago

You need to get some fresh air, my friend.

Antifan1172d ago

Holy run-on sentences. Go back to English class, mate.

lvl_headed_gmr1171d ago (Edited 1171d ago )


Gears 1 isn't going to be remastered, it's a remake using all new assets.

More levels, new textures and better cut scenes along with a lot of multiplayer levels.

HUGE difference between remaster and remade.

Remakes = hard work at detail and bringing an old game to a new generation with a large budget.

Remasters = Lazy cash grab with little to effort to bring an old game on a stronger piece of hardware which makes it easier to hit 1080p...because the company is broke. Then ofcourse they strip features and remove the multiplayer game (removing half the game) and then charging full price.

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MAULxx1171d ago

#1 thing I want to hear so I agree.

medman1171d ago

I would be thrilled to see Rime, Wild, and Quantic Dreams new Ip at the Paris show. Thrilled.

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MasterCornholio1172d ago (Edited 1172d ago )

What I'm hoping for.

1. Morpheus Launch Details (Release date, price)
2. Sony Bends Horror game.
3. Gameplay demo of Horizon.
4. Price Cut
5. No Mans Sky release.

Rimeskeem1172d ago

Wasn't E3 Horizon a gameplay demo?

MasterCornholio1172d ago

I mean a more in depth demo showcasing the open world a bit better.

xfiles20991172d ago

I really want to see Sony Bends new game I have been interested in this since I read about it

miyamoto1172d ago (Edited 1172d ago )

More of Media Molecule's Dream, Shen Mue, FFVII, TLG, World of FF, DQ11, DQ 10.

Rimeskeem1172d ago

I had a thought about PSX this year. Everyone knows that Uncharted 4 beta comes with the Nathan Drake Collection and that Uncharted 4 comes out March (window). I am almost certain PSX is where they will show MP gameplay and announce when the beta starts for Uncharted 4.

Not completely off topic but just felt like I needed to get that out there.

Looking forward to seeing QD.

mike32UK1172d ago

Quantum dream's new title for sure!

jmac531172d ago

I am hoping to get a release date for Rime.

MasterCornholio1172d ago (Edited 1172d ago )

That game looks great.

Im excited for it as well.

Also the poor Witness game needs to get released. Im dying to play it.

sactownlawyer9161172d ago (Edited 1172d ago )

I cant wait for Tokyo and Paris. I just hope PlayStation gets the same coverage xbox has received this week. I expect Sony to have something special up their sleeves for both. O yah and info on the bloodborne expansion its supposed to drop this year.

nucky641172d ago

yea, it'd be great to get something on the bloodborne expansion. I'm hoping we get info on it sooner than that. I'd like to see it release to us in October.

medman1171d ago (Edited 1171d ago )

Well, to be fair, gamescom is absolutely huge and draws almost 8 times more visitors to it than does E3, which is huge in it's own right. So if the coverage isn't the same, it's merely due to the disparity between the size of the conventions. The major gaming sites will have the necessary information, I'm sure, but not as many will be sending reps to Paris as they would to gamescom.

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