DX12 Powered Fable Legends Gets New Screens, Windows 10 Beta Later This Month

Windows 10 gamers will enter Fable Legends' version of Albion later this month, when the closed beta finally kicks off.

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kaiserfranz1194d ago

I think people are underestimating this game, it'll be a lot of fun when it's out

maybelovehate1194d ago (Edited 1194d ago )

The graphics definitely look good. Still no idea what the game or story is about though lol.

@Alexious: I got that part. But what is the actual game about. Is there a main storyline? How does the loot table work? Is there loot sharing?

The details on this game are so sparse and I am in the freaking beta lol.

Alexious1194d ago

The game is a 4vs1 affair, it's explained in the article.

VaporCell1194d ago

Its sad how the game took this direction though. Ive played the beta multiple times and cant get myself to like it...yes graphics look nice but the simplistic gameplay and boring animation makes it a no go for me. If only they had taken the original fable and build and improve upon it and make a series reboot would have been awesome.

Professor_K1193d ago

I belive this fable is more of a spin-off and not the final direction.Lion head has been working on quite a few projects

TheGreatGamer1194d ago

I'd definitely wait until you play before making judgements, they haven't done the game justice with the way they've explained it but having played the beta multiple times, it's a lot of fun and looks gorgeous

Alexious1194d ago

Does it get repetitive at all in your experience?

TheGreatGamer1194d ago

Honestly no, I was able to play a fair few hours while the beta's up and there's a lot of variety just in the beta, once they release the full game there's obviously going to be much more content

christocolus1194d ago

The screens look really good. I cant wait to try it out.

Aurenar1194d ago

UE4+DX12+Lionhead artists, and that's what you get!

Frisky1194d ago

I hope it has the same amount of fun as Rayman Legends. Loved that game.

kaiserfranz1194d ago

Not sure why you're comparing these two games...They are completely different outside of having "Legends" in their names.

traumadisaster1193d ago (Edited 1193d ago )

Fo da multiplayer similarities? Ya know the "fun with friends" concept?

Imp0ssibl31194d ago

Can't wait to try DX12 with this game! Hope to get invited soon into the W10 beta...

ccgr1194d ago

Can't wait to try it on PC!

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