The Open World of Mad Max Looks Rather Massive

OnlySP: A new 14 minute on-screen gameplay video for the upcoming Mad Max game has been posted online, and within it, our first look at the game’s huge open world.

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SquidBuck1194d ago

Looks pretty bare to me, doesn't mean it won't be fun though.

WellyUK1194d ago

it's supposed to be barren...

SquidBuck1194d ago

so all desert, so atmospheric...

isarai1194d ago

A desert wasteland looks "bare"?...

you don't say?!

SquidBuck1194d ago

Guess it's not for me :)

cannon88001194d ago

@ SquidBuck

It's a wasteland. A land that's full of waste. Makes sense to everyone else, why doesn't it make sense to you?

SquidBuck1194d ago (Edited 1194d ago )

I didn't say it doesn't make sense, if if you compared it to the waste land that is Fallout, it is extremely bare. Everything about the game looks cool, the driving mechanics, the weaponry. I just don't like the fact that their isn't more variety in the terrain. It would make the driving part even better.

Eiffel1194d ago (Edited 1194d ago )


Fallout can fit so much into a terrain because the series has never utilized working vehicles where it'd be necessary to have things spread out to accommodate, you're always on foot so much more can be squeezed in. Fallout also typically takes place in areas that were once densely populated. Mad Max however takes place in the Australian outback which for the most part is widely unurbanized territory where vehicles would not only fair better, but would be the only way possible to travel across such a harsh unforgiving landscape. The driving is fine for what the game offers. You'll be coming across strongholds, traveling war parties, ruins, general encampments, et cetera.

shmowboyfebop1194d ago

He says it doesn't mean it won't be fun. So I don't think the issue is it doesn't make sense to him. And video games have to make sense? Since when?

Jag-T10001194d ago

This should've released when the movie released. Nobody is gonna buy it now.

jmc88881194d ago

It wasn't ready then.

It's on 3 platforms, and it's probably going to sell pretty darn well. It won't be a blockbuster unless is completely blows up from word of mouth and positive press after release, but it should be a solid seller, unless there is some overlooked problems that become apparent at launch.

Mad Max has been a franchise since 1979, and has its fans from children to older then Mel Gibson.

I can also see this as a pretty darn good seller for the Steam Winter Sale as well.

It will get overshadowed by MGSV:TPP, but again unless something is messed up with the game, it should be a solid seller.

Jag-T10001194d ago

It should've been ready. This is bad planning. The movie would of helped sell the game. Now its gonna sit on the shelf and then on clearance. Don't try to defend it cause its true.

isarai1194d ago

it was never even meant to have anything to do with the new film, it was in development and even announced far before anyone even knew there was a Mad Max film being made. The timing is just a coincidence

quaneylfc1193d ago

That Mad Max film that took 30 years to make?

The one that was in production 9 years ago? That film?

1194d ago
thricetold1194d ago

Except it has nothing to do with the new movie?

TeamLeaptrade1194d ago

Because pushing games out at release the same day a movie comes out is usually a bad idea. It's give us many horrible movie based games. Plus, this game doesn't officially tie into the movie, it's a new story. If you want to think of it as a sequel or prequel, you certainly can.

But I'm more happy with them releasing a game finished and working than forcing it out there the same day the movie is released.

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jmc88881194d ago

I wouldn't say huge, but it's nice sized. It also seems like stuff is a bit more spread out.

Though I don't find this as negatives, because the original info suggested that the game took place going down a single road (with what we be assumed as side paths).

So I'm actually quite glad it's a full fledged open world.

It looks pretty good, just need to know more about how it runs on PC as all they've shown is the PS4 version.

You can preorder it on PC at G2A for 29.49 right now in their weeklysale if anyone wants to take a risk.

I also want to know more about the water/food mechanic, and how exactly you find ammo as it's supposed to be rare.

Looks pretty fun though.

PockyKing1194d ago

The maps Avalanche make for their games are never to scale. If you look at the map at Just Cause 2, you'd probably assume it wasn't that large, but in the game it's ginormous.

Minute Man 7211194d ago

I loved JC2. Lent my friend the game and he's 160 hrs in already LoL

_LarZen_1194d ago

I cant wait to build a sick car and ride around exploring the dead land for whatever it hides.

Whatever is out will be mine! *laughs like a hyena*

Jag-T10001194d ago

Enjoy a 1080p desert. Watch out for scorpions.

_LarZen_1194d ago

Scorpions are protein candy :)

syotos771194d ago

I loved the movie. This game moved from my maybe list into a must buy after the recent flood of info. Looks like a blast.

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