Time to go back? Destiny: The Taken King - Legendary Edition only £34.85

Dealspwn: This upcoming version of Destiny is packed with value as it includes the original Season Pass expansion content (House of Wolves and The Dark Below) as well as the upcoming expansion The Taken King. This is much cheaper than buying the content separately. There are some radical changes to the way the XP system works in Destiny too when The Taken King arrives.

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Ozmoses1165d ago

nope... MGS V and Fallout 4 and the other numerous games trump Destiny..

We want new experiences.... not the same old grind over and over..

sorry Destiny your time has come and passed.

TheSaint1165d ago

Lol, the legendary edition is 35 pound with all three DLC's and the game and the The Taken King DLC, on it's own, is 40 pounds, what the actual f*** Bungie?