The Mighty Number 9 Debacle – Comception to Present Day

Mighty Number 9 has not had the best track record after its kickstarter. So what happened?

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MPScrimshaw1170d ago

Such a disappointment. What is it with companies boning creators, then no one being able to get their act together afterward? Konami, Capcom, what's next? Miyamoto is going to leave Nintendo to create a game about a Spanish Electrician who jumps on Gecko's and eats Peppers?

Supremo Mario Bros. Release date: Spring 2020.

callumjack1170d ago

Holy shit, I'd play the crap out of that

Nevers0ft1169d ago

Agreed... SOLD! Where do I send my money?

ZeroSkerbo1170d ago

This is easily one of the most upsetting game situations this year. Like ugh...

Concertoine1170d ago

I remember when Kamiya said Inafune was a business man, not a game maker. He got a lot of flack for it, but it is the truth.

maybelovehate1170d ago

I honestly don't see what the big deal is. The game has a network issue that needs to be fixed before it can be released. The team responsible for that is working on that. What are the artists, directors, animators etc supposed to do in the meantime? Having them twiddling their thumbs is no use to anyone.

callumjack1170d ago

this game plays poorly, looks rougher than many games with pockets not nearly so deep. To then take advantage of the fans by dropping the word Legends into titles and let them take the bait and throw in money to what is essentially Red Ash: Ground Zeroes adds insult to injury

maybelovehate1170d ago

Most previews I have read say it plays really well. And I think it looks nice. I mean it is an indie game, what are you expecting.

MPScrimshaw1170d ago

@maybelovehate is something really an "indy" when its making 3 mil in funding?

shocked6861170d ago

It's just delay after delay with "network bugs" being the only explanation. It feels like it's being strung along so they can use the goodwill they gained to launch other projects. Inafune is already in talks to make a live-action movie of MN9 for christ's sake.

maybelovehate1170d ago (Edited 1170d ago )

It has only been in development for 2 years. That is a pretty short time for creating a video game. Especially one on multiple platforms. We aren't talking about The Last Guardian here.

Look at Ori, that game took 4 years to make. And the wait was worth it.

@callumjack: It has only been two years. And Inafune is not personally coding the game lol. Not what he does.

Games take time and code has bugs/issues. It is what it is.

callumjack1170d ago (Edited 1170d ago )

you don't get to delay a game you've essentially made your career on and then pretend like it's "only been 2 years." Platforming, elemental bosses you take powers from, a blue guy that shoots with an arm cannon, these are things already done and brought to the table, essentially a head start. The game is shoddy, and the kickstarter is dishonest

@maybelovehate: I'm sorry, did I ever say coding? Has anyone? Also did anyone argue what the time frame was? Yes, it literally has been two years, but the entire concept of this game, from the character design to the mechanics and story, are not just familiar, but his legacy. These are things that go into development that suddenly already have ground covered for years in advance. It is what it is

Bimkoblerutso1170d ago

Ori and the Blind Forest LOOKED like it had that amount of time put into it. Everything about M#9 looks bland, boring and seems like a complete afterthought. I would feel much better if they HADN'T said they were delaying it purely for network issues, because almost nothing in the game looks finished. It almost looks as if....their resources are being spread thin?

So yeah, people are understandably pissed off, especially after that suspiciously well-timed delay, the whole voting debacle, and then these other kickstarters that are piggybacking off a game they have nothing to do with.

ZeroSkerbo1170d ago

It's because after backers pony up their cash the hype can only take them so long. They need to see results, actual tangible progress. And every time that gets pushed off it feels like its a slight on them, almost like they bought a lemon.

It's understandable for games to have delays, but to have so many and after what appeared to be abusing the kickstarter platform, it just feels sketchy and disingenuous.

maybelovehate1170d ago

There were quite a few favorable previews right after E3. It doesn't sound like a bad game at all. In fact it sounds like a pretty good game.

Granted I can see how people that paid 300 dollars for a 20 dollar game are feeling buyers remorse. But who is really to blame for that haha.

Segata1170d ago

After backers gave them 4mill WAY over the 900k they needed. They had the gal to make another KS wanting more money. Then they make TV deals and movie deals. Some internet community manager drama where seems some had money refunded it was such a mess. Then they delay the game. Refuse me the physical reward I paid for. Refuse Wii U owners the CE version. Get a publisher which means they never needed KS. Then they have another KS for another game while the first one has yet to come out. They do Red ash at the same time as Shenmue III then another KS for Red Ash for an anime. So peoples wallets are thin. Now they delay the game a second time. I am fed up as are many people. Comcept I am done with them after MN9.

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callumjack1170d ago

How do you look at a piece on the most talked about kickstarter and not know the team making it is called Comcept?

alti1170d ago

oh, it's supposed to be a pun? I didn't know the name of the team.

shocked6861170d ago

Don't worry, it's a dumb company name anyway

ZwVw1170d ago

Inti Creates (MN9 developers) and Comcept each have far more pressing matters at hand than to be bothered with something as frivolous and unimportant as MN9. Such as localizing Gal Gunvolt and taking care of Red Ash. :]

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