Short Takes - King's Quest: A Knight To Remember - Return Of The King | Short Pause

Short Pause: "Bender takes a trip down memory lane as he begins his play through of Sierra Entertainment's revival of the King's Quest series, beginning with Episode 1: A Knight To Remember"

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TheDude791193d ago

Ugh, another episodic title that piques my interest. There are so many of these I want to play, but with releases scattered out a months at a time, it's hard to justify committing to them until all the episodes are out. I really want to pay Life is Strange, but now this one looks pretty good too. I won't be able to touch any of these until early next year with all the big title coming out between now and Hitman (Dec 8th)

tazmeah1193d ago

I remember these games from way back in the day. Nice to see Christopher Lloyd is still getting work. He will forever be known as Doc Brown to me.

piccolo9301193d ago

I love the art style and the fact that Christopher Lloyd is the king. I need to download this

Vyprstryke1193d ago

This game sounds pretty cool. I wonder if I should hold off until closer to the end of the season pass to get it?

tazmeah1193d ago

Considering how busy this fall is going to be, might not be a bad idea.

TheDude791193d ago

Same here, waiting until they're all out