Black Ops 3 Almost a Titanfall Clone

Katie joell from Gamerscore Shores writes "I don’t know where to stand when it comes to Call of Duty Black Ops III. The brand is a powerhouse and has provided entertainment for millions of people worldwide. The flagship game will always come under scrutiny from the gaming press as to whether the series innovates from year to year. This time around you cannot help but think the head of Treyarch has asked it’s employees to sit through and prestige a couple of times on Titanfall and take the best bits."

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JMaine5181169d ago

I really like what they did with the specialist classes. I think it gives it a little destiny flavor. The wall jumping reminds me of Titanfall

Relientk771169d ago

Yea I'm itching to try these classes. The sparrow/bow interests me

venom061169d ago

ALMOST?????? take away Titans, take away bots.. use the BO2 engine and BOOM BO3. Real simple, yet sheeple will buy until they start bitchin and complainin 3 months in like every year.

Epicor1169d ago

@venom: "sheeps" buy it simply because it's easy to grasp, fast paced and pure fun. Sure it lacks the artistic value that some games have but so what? I'm "hardcore" gamer but I'm still gonna buy BO3. That doesn't make me a casual sheep gamer. I play other games for my other needs. This is for my quick 30min game sessions, similar to Rocket League.

Peace_Love_and_FPS1169d ago

Epicor is right, but... "Sheeps"

Sheep* (multiple sheep)

Its fast fun, you want something different buy something different, do you, consumers still speak for their choice and it still works IMO

AstroCyborg1169d ago

yeah noobs would love that

bixxel1169d ago

Be ready for the Fall of Duty: Titan Ops 3 this year!

Unreal011169d ago

You're really clever. I'm so impressed by this, well done you.


Epicor1169d ago

The joke might not have been that original but still no reason to act like a douche..

wellard1168d ago

Your witty retort was Eerm.... Well don't try so hard Next time.

jc121168d ago

Honestly, I used to love COD. But at this point, I cant for the life of me imagine why anyone would anticipate yet another COD release with earnest...Its a yearly release for God sakes, with the same engine recycled over and over by three different studios...

blackphosphor1169d ago

I've played a few rounds of Black Ops 3 and I think it is less exo-suit dependent than the current jump happy version. The guns also feel more mechanical and less space weapon like too. I'm excited to back to more of a "normal" FPS Call of Duty.

Immorals1169d ago

But do the guns have proper recoil? Got sick of every gun having as much recoil as a nerf pistol!

AstroCyborg1169d ago

recoil in cod your joking

FlexLuger1169d ago

Just add in controllable mech and yeah...its titanfall. I nearly forgot what game I was watching at times when I saw wall running in the trailer. It doesnt help that both games have that 'Zampella/west' gun feel. but yes. Its a dead ringer for TF. only COD has quickscoping if you are into that sort of thing....

Volkama1169d ago

Wonder how Titanfall 2 is coming along? Personally I'm far more interested in that.

PC_601169d ago

Titanfall is very boring for me to play, went back to it yesterday after not playing it for months and played 1 match and got bored so I hope they have better graphics, Proper story and revamped gameplay

FITgamer1169d ago

It's pretty dead on PC. Rare to see any more than a 1000 players on at once. Also Attrition and LTS are really the only game modes you can find a game in.

WellyUK1169d ago

The game play on Titanfall is probably the best on a fps, the game just lacks content but as a FPS it's a brilliant game which would of done much better if it was on all systems.

Fyflin1169d ago

Titanfall gets a lot of stick but me and my friends had a great time with it last year, such a fun game. I'm hoping the sequel ups the scale of the action (and the resolution!) significantly.

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