Long live last gen: 10 PS3 games we can’t wait for

Sony’s venerable console isn’t even close to finished, as these upcoming titles prove - 10 of the finest games are yet to launch on the PS3.

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Fro_xoxo1170d ago

Whilst I'm happy with my current gen console.. I miss last gen still... wish i still had my PS3 to play certain games again.

Some of the games on the list I'd rather play on current gen tho' like Persona Metal gear and blops..

joab7771169d ago

I think they are all on next gen. Not sure about Zesteria, but the rest are. I'll play them on my PS4.

And PS Now is pretty good. If they'd simply bite the bullet and offer a PS+, PS NOW and Vue bundle, so many ppl would get it. I live the tech and what it means for the future of gaming, especially mobile gaming.

Imagine of Sony partnered with Android and even Verizon or someone for their phones. Even better, of they made an tablet/Vita hybrid with the benefits of both, including the Now,and Vue apps. You'd have access to all of Google play, all PS3 streamed games and whatever they made specifically for it. It would have share play, an hdni out cable, and a DS4 port along with the vita buttons.

It would be sick!!

1170d ago
FallenAngel19841169d ago (Edited 1169d ago )

Almost 10 years and PS3 still NO GAMEZ. Lmao just jk.

PS3 still gets more games than even 360 and Wii U. It is a console very much worth still playing on thanks to its future lineup and past titles consistently going on sale.

I'm going to enjoy MGSV: TPP, Tales of Zestiria, Tales of Berseria, Dragon Quest Heroes 1&2, Black Ops 3, Walking Dead Season 3 and RE0 HD on PS3 so very much while also increasing my backlog through weekly digital discounts and monthly flash sales.

Ezz20131169d ago (Edited 1169d ago )

I will get the Ps3 version first
then Pc version later...just to play it in full glory and will add ENB to it.

I just saw the Ps3 version of MGSV...and it look amazing
look very close to Ps4/Xb1 versions.

Ps3 is still getting alot of love
can't wait for P5 and Yakuza 5

italiangamer1169d ago

The PS3 still has LOTS of games coming for it, unlike a certain console from the competition *cough360cough* that is basically dead since 2010. Gotta love the Sony support for their consoles, the PS3 still has at least another 2 years on the market.