Beta: I Don't Think You Think it Means What I Think it Means

In defence of Capcom and Street Fighter V, this article looks at the way games like Destiny and Evolve are created a false understanding of what a beta is, whether it is on PC or consoles.

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SlappingOysters1266d ago

Excellent read! I definitely think Capcom is being a little hard done by on this one - or at least I do now after reading that.

XBLSkull1265d ago

Betas are a joke anymore. Bungie did a great Halo 3 beta. 6 months before the game came out you could play a few maps for 2 weeks. They gathered data based on this and improved the game.

I was just granted access to the Rainbow Six beta - releases on 9/27... like 20 days before the game comes out, and guaranteed after the game goes gold. Say what it really is that you are giving us an outdated build of the game as a demo.

Macka10801265d ago

Some companies seem to use the term beta so that they can dismiss complaints. 'Oh, it's just the beta; the final release will be different.' But then it isn't, because, as you pointed out, they release the beta less than a month before the game comes out. It's disingenuous.

Macka10801265d ago

Beta is such a muddy term now. It used to be pretty clear that a beta might be buggy or even broken, but now it seems some people expect games to be great from development day one. The reaction to a lot of Early Access games on Steam is particularly vociferous. If you want a stable experience, you need to wait for a full release--and sometimes, even later than that.