Blizzard officially announced World of Warcraft Legion and the beta version to hit by the year end

Last year, Blizzard ended the event with a promise to launch better, bigger expansions of the game and today at Gamescom it officially announced World of Warcraft Legion, the sixth expansion of the MMORPG.

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bluerocker1170d ago

Im really excited about this new version. Hopefully it equals the hype I've heard so far about it.

pompombrum1170d ago

So what's going to happen in the mean time then? No content patches for the rest of the year? It's really no wonder WoW subs have taken such a heavy hit especially when you look at what Square are doing with FF14 who probably make 1/10 the amount Blizzard makes with WoW.

Neixus1170d ago

Not everyone is a pve'er.

PvP'ers are motivated by chasing rating, not new arenas, bgs or other content.

pompombrum1170d ago (Edited 1170d ago )

So what PvP content has WoW added recently? Truth is, most pvpers have left WoW ages ago for greener pastures.

Neixus1170d ago (Edited 1170d ago )


They add new gear every season, that's it, we don't need anything else.

PvP'ers care about the gameplay itself, balancing etc etc.

And no, that's not the truth, PvPers haven't left WoW for anything else, they simply left WoW.
There doesn't exist one single MMO that can fulfill the combat, strategy of WoW PvP.

Currently, PvP is very unbalanced, which results in loss of subs, which this expansion seem to fix.

Regarding that PvPers don't need content, an example is CSGO. It has been the same maps in CS for how long, 15 years?

Also, your complaint for lack of content. Why are you bringing this up? It has been like this for YEARS, is it really nessecary to bring up this circlejerk every time WoW gets an article on this site? Just look at the first post, he's getting disagrees for simply looking forward to the game, for christ's sake.