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"There's something about the Deep South - its sticky nights, those dense bayous and that subtle undertone of violence carried on the hot breeze - that seems so well suited to video games, so it's a surprise not more have taken up the city of New Orleans as a backdrop. Mafia 3, 2K's open world gangster epic developed by new studio Hangar 13, demonstrates just how great it can be."

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raggy-rocket1172d ago

I've never played the previous 2 and this looks amazing to me. I think the problem is people are comparing it to 2, which apparently it departs a lot from, but this to me looks amazing and I hope everyone judges the game on its own merits, because the characters and visuals and settings look great

FriedGoat1172d ago

Mafia was great because it was the best game to really have a living breathing 1930-40 atmosphere. I really don't like what I'm seeing here.

LordMaim1172d ago

The interesting thing about the Mafia games, is that they're directly tied together with events of one affecting the next. With Vito in the game as one of your lieutenants, it looks like they're carrying on with that tradition, so it would have to be in a later era. I'm confident that they'll craft a compelling story set in the period, possibly using the Dixie Mafia as a template.

scark921172d ago

Mafia 2 is fantastic, Mafia 1 I hear is good, its really hard to get a hold of it however.

Lamboomington1172d ago

Well, I'll just say one thing, and this is something that really put me off when I saw gameplay. Cars that just explode for no reason. Drive into another car ? It bursts into flames, ofcourse, and flips around.

That is just plain stupid. I swear I cannot take anything seriously as long as they have anything like that in the game. Seriously, even JUST CAUSE 2 doesn't do that ! When you drive into another car that has a driver, there's no explosion. EVEN FREAKING JUST CAUSE 2 DOESN'T DO THAT. The one game which doesn't give a damn about realism and atmosphere; the game which defiantly breaks the basic laws of physics so you can have fun - still doesn't go that far.

So yeah, that's an issue :P

Anyhow, maybe it will be a good game. Who knows ? just have to wait and see.

kassler1172d ago

Agreed. The cars exploding like that is ridiculous!

ThunderPulse1172d ago (Edited 1172d ago )

I just didn't like how all the cars were flipping all over the place its like they don't have any weight to them.

LordMaim1172d ago

Having tried to get a couple of the collectibles in Mafia II that require you to jump a car into various unlikely locations, I can attest that they've had a realistic weight to them in the past. I'm doubtful they'd change that now after two games.

ThunderPulse1172d ago

But did you see the gameplay everything was flipping.

LordMaim1172d ago

If you were listening to the commentary on the video (depending on which video you were watching), you'd hear that they were talking about the ability to shoot while driving. In this case, the player shot out the tire of the car with a magnum, which caused him to flip over due to the speed he was going.

TheColbertinator1172d ago

They've always done a good job with atmosphere. I hope they keep this up

Lamboomington1172d ago

Atmosphere goes out the window when you drive into a car and it instantaneously bursts into flames and flips and tumbles.
Sorry, but even Just Cause 2 doesn't do that.

A few bullets, or one shot from a sawn off shotgun will, again, cause a car to instantly explode. Again, Just Cause 2 doesn't do that.

I just can't take it seriously because of that. That's the one thing in the gameplay video which put me off completely xD

Zizi1172d ago

If it ain't broken, don't fix it.

theshredded1172d ago (Edited 1172d ago )

Other than the shooting, the gameplay looks mediocre. Sleeping Dogs and many other third person open world games have better gameplay

Shinuz1172d ago

Altough i really enjoyed both games the car handling was 10 times better in mafia 2 (especially on realistic) than sleeping dogs.

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