Why Destiny Dev Dropped Peter Dinklage for Nolan North


"One of the biggest surprises about the new Destiny expansion, The Taken King, is that developer Bungie has hired voice actor Nolan North to be the new voice of the in-game Ghost companion. North, who is a prolific video game voice actor known for titles like Uncharted and Assassin's Creed, hasn't been brought on just for the expansion, either; he is re-recording every line of dialogue in the entire game, completely replacing Game of Thrones actor Peter Dinklage, who was the original voice of Ghost. Dinklage's voice acting in the original game was widely criticized by fans, even after Bungie dropped his most infamous line from the game's beta test."

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DarkOcelet1168d ago

You can replace the VA all you want but it won't be good enough if the story is crap from the the first place.

donthate1167d ago (Edited 1167d ago )


So many empty promises Bungie repeatedly. I won't bite the second time.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me!

Relientk771168d ago

But the story is amazing you just have to read all the grimore


FriedGoat1168d ago

Wait, there's a story in Destiny?

I've put hundreds of hours in, can you tell me the location?

antz11041167d ago

I just pictured Jonah Hill saying that lol.

christian hour1167d ago

It's like they knew I'd stopped playing and Nolan North was the only thing to get me to replay the entire thing XD I like the reasoning they have behind this, adding more context sensitive lines of dialogue etc (what is it with Nolan North and context sensitive dialogue?).

I'm sure they would have got Dinklage back if they could, this seems more of an issue where they wanted to add more lines and have more frequent recording sessions that both clashed with his schedule and put him out of their budget range I would imagine. I didn't really have a problem with his performance, it kinda grew on me, and I miss the wizard from the moon line :(

Peace_Love_and_FPS1167d ago

Dinklage was a PR nightmare though, Bungie wouldn't touch him, and I highly doubt Peter would take the job either.

The hate he received, for his wretched performance was deserved. I love watching him, but this was garbage and so were the lines, neither party was happy with the other, how do you get that notion that Bungie WANTS dinklage if they are willing to rerecord all the lines?

3-4-51167d ago

The story is basic and generic and bland.

I like almost everything else about the game but the story......lets be real, any 2-3 of us combined could come up with a more interesting story.

* I'm honestly shocked how somebody can be a paid professional, get a nice salary, and THAT is all they can come up with????

And to add to that....Somebody approved of that story as well ?

What the heck was THAT person in charge thinking?

* For $500 million I expect a great story.

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SaveFerris1168d ago

Having Nolan North re-recording Peter Dinklage's dialogue seems unnecessary. Couldn't they just explain the voice change as an upgrade to Ghost? Do the players get a say in keeping the original voice actor for the first part of the game or will it be patched regardless?
In any case since it is been decided, could they slip the 'Wizard' line back in for Nolan to speak it?

christian hour1167d ago

It's because he'll now be saying things that are context sensitive, so imagine it's your first time playing and dinklage is the ghost, then you decide to go loot farming and you hear nolan north comment on what you're doing. Would be pretty jarring, so they had to go back and redo everything, and I hope they took the opportunity to fix some of the poorly written or unnecessarily confusing dialogue.

Theres three reasons why they couldnt get Dinklage to just do it all, either one as likely as the other. The recording sessions will no doubt be lengthier now with all this new non-mission specific dialogue which meant they could either no longer afford Dinklage, there wasn't enough time in his ever growing schedule, or they took fan reactions to his performance to heart and did away with what some considered an ear-sore. Or maybe a bit of all three?

Phoenix761168d ago

In the dictionary under "Questification" it reads - PR BS slang meaning "thanks for being a beta tester".

Peace_Love_and_FPS1167d ago (Edited 1167d ago )

Early access tester*

We paid

Edit: on the topic of quests, here's to hoping that they add a story for the original to maybe have a better experience for TKE first timers. If they actually made it deeper and a good space epic, maybe editing some levels (how they're completed, fixing the wave formula that is still so dull).

I won't be buying TK unless it's not good or okay, maybe not even great, but F****** FANTASTIC

jokerisalive1168d ago

I am propably in the minority here but I think its a dumb move - Dinklage did ok and there are other more important apsects of the game they should be concentrating on instead of a freaking robot's voice!?!?!?!! I agree with SaveFerris above in that they should leave his lines intact and just upgrade the Ghost voice for the new expansion and leave it at that. This way it is more of an evolution of the Ghost as opposed to going back and undoing what we have become familiar with. Bonehead move I feel by the Devs.

darren_poolies1168d ago

I agree. For one I really really do not understand the hate it got/gets, I thought the voice was absoultely fine (in fact I actually quite liked it), he's voicing a robot, robots are emotionless like what do people want?

And two, it's completely unnecessar, just a waste of time and resources.

Peace_Love_and_FPS1167d ago

He had his moments ("don't do that. ")

Not sure if it was the lines but I did find the majority of his performance underwhelming

paul-p19881168d ago

You could get some of the best, most emotive actors in the world to take on this role but even they couldn't produce an amazing performance for the poor writing in Destiny. It's just a shame that the blame is being placed on the actor and not Bungie.

Tbh I kinda liked his voice, it would be weird to be without it, kinda like Keither Sutherland replacing David Hayter in MGS, but considering I won't be playing the new expansion as it's the same price as a new game I won't really notice anyway lol

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