2K knows that WWE's commentary 'hasn't been great'

Anybody who's played a WWE game in recent years will tell you the commentary hasn't been up to snuff, but it is something that 2K is aware of, according to international brand manager Bryce Yang.

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spacedelete1194d ago

the gameplay hasn't been great as well for at least a decade. you need to fix that before wasting time on commentary. also 2K are complete and utter scam artists. they said they completely redone the commentary in WWE 2K15 yet it was literally exactly the same as 2K14.

xfiles20991194d ago

I think the gameplay in 2k14 was pretty good. Last Years was not bad.

5yb5n6u1194d ago

not saying much because the real life counterpart has been lame of late.
and with kings retiring at weekly shows make the commentary worse

NerdStalker1194d ago

Concentrate your efforts on gameplay not commentary, I know the developers don't put much effort into this game because they have just been fiddling the same build for the last 10 years or so but it used to be fun and good, make it happen again. the old story mode was better you could choose your own path now because they have the voice overs there limited to one path season mode.

BillytheBarbarian1194d ago

When 2k began to publish instead of THq I was hoping Yukes was going to be ditched too but they're still there and it's that same engine from PS2 and to a lesser extent it's the original PSone smackdown engine. It was never a good sim engine. It was always the arcadey mess button masher. Unlike WWF No Mercy that was balanced with reversals and you actually worked to wear down your opponents with weaker moves working up to the power moves then finishers. I was hoping 2k would pay attention to their fans but seems like they're happy just cutting paychecks year in and year out. 2k has become as stale as EA with Madden.

curtis921194d ago

They need to be wearing headphones that are pumping in an arena full of people so they get their volume higher. There's a certain intensity you hear on live broadcasts that are never replicated in a game. Sounds like they're recording it in a silent booth and therefore their tone never suggests they're in an arena full of people.