Legion - Doom comes for World of Warcraft

MWEB GameZone writes: "Doom comes for the Alliance and the Horde" sounds like an omen that Blizzard created themselves.

Legion signals the exodus of the few remaining true ‪World of Warcraft‬ fans.

It might take another few years for Blizzard to shut Azeroth's gates, but for the fans all we already have left is the memories of what was once the greatest game ever created.

Or perhaps it's time for World of Warcraft 2."

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Sillicur1194d ago

Thought it would be a Legion based expansion, so called it :)

plut0nash1194d ago

One question: how much dedication do MMOs really garner? I'm not a MMO player and find it hard to justify paying a monthly subscription and more cash for DLC every time new content comes out.

schmoe1194d ago

hhmmn, I was a bit of slave to WOW for a few years (to many?) from beta till a few expacs in and I never once thought I was wasting my money. My time maybe, but not cash. If its a great game I am happy to pay for it, but I also don't think that model will exist on or flourish on a lesser title.

If you have 20 million people paying and playing keep going. When it slips down (as it is) and its no longer garnering the attention it was, perhaps its time to re-look at the model or investigate the next installment of the series and not just a bolt-on.

imho of course

HanCilliers1194d ago

Well said, I also never once thought I was wasting money, until Cata hit. You say it so well, "and not just a bolt-on."

pompombrum1194d ago

Most of us older MMO gamers generally don't have an issue with the subscription cost. We're just used to it and providing it keeps improving the game, have no problem with handing over a monthly fee.. FF14 being the perfect example of how the subscription fee is used to make the game better.

Having said that though, there are a whole bunch of people these days interested in MMOs that won't even give a subscription based MMO a look in because they are completely put off by the fee. WoW pretty much seems to be the exception to the rule.

victorMaje1194d ago

Dunno about "Cataclysm" & beyond but last WOW expansion I played was "Wrath of the Lich King" & ever since the beginning there was never a moment I felt I was wasting cash, it's crazy! :)