Microsoft Highlights Great Games Coming To Windows 10 In A New Video

At Gamescom this week, Microsoft announced few new game titles coming to Windows 10 in the future. With Windows 10, Microsoft is also delivering Dx12, their next generation graphics platform. Today, they published a video highlighting the new games coming to Windows 10 soon.

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--bienio--1171d ago

Quentut Break this game I want on my Pc.

SniperControl1171d ago (Edited 1171d ago )

I agree, being an X1 exclusive is the only reason i'am keeping my X1 at the moment, i bought my X1 in anticipation of Quantum Break releasing in 2015 but it sadly got delayed till 2016.

I have no interest in the Halo or Forza games, so I'll scoop up the rest of the MS exclusives on PC.

holysmokesbatman1171d ago

Quentut? as in naughty Tarantino?

xfiles20991171d ago

Give it time it will come to PC eventually as well as Halo 5 and Crackdown and probably Scalebound as well.

poopstain1171d ago

Bring the rest of Gears and Halo (the fps ones not an rts spinoff no one cares about) to Windows 10 and then I'll believe MS gives a damn about pc gaming, until then meh

TheBurger291171d ago

Well pc has a lot of rts fans and halo wars was pretty good(for a console rts). If you want the other halos then get a 360 or a one.

Death1171d ago

I will be surprised if the entire back catalog of 360 games don't come to Windows 10 through emulation.

ScorpiusX1171d ago

If they do go to PC , hope MS is the only outlet provider that sales them.

ScorpiusX1171d ago (Edited 1171d ago )

Cause I can't stand that Tool at Valve .Besides MS deserves to make a 100% return on their product.
plus they can regulate price and sales by establishing their own store .

SniperControl1171d ago

God, i hope not, MS will charge console game prices for there PC games, which i refuse to pay, rather buy games from Steam or buy a hardcopies from Amazon, much cheaper.

ScorpiusX1171d ago

They will be competitive like GOG or Origin, even offer deals like them. Big difference is their no unnecessary Middle man to pay.

Death1171d ago

Microsoft seems to realize there is a difference between consoles and PC's. Live on PC is free isn't it?

SniperControl1171d ago


What has that got to do with anything?
Besides it's free because they know PC gamers wont pay for it, remember what they tried with gfwl at the start.

SniperControl1171d ago (Edited 1171d ago )


Since when has Origin prices been on par with Steam, Amazon and GOG prices???

Currently, Battlefront is £50 on Origin, Amazon UK have it for £40, FIFA 16 is £50 on Origin, Amazon UK £34.99, i certainly know where i'am going to shop.

MS will charge £50-£55 for every new PC game they sell on the store.

ScorpiusX1171d ago

Am shopping at my prefred Console store and stores I deem worthy of my money .

Perjoss1171d ago

Weak trailer, there's a lot of games in there that have been on PC for quite some time already. Killer Instinct is great, but Tomb Raider is still a timed exclusive to the One. Like the guy above said, saying they care about PC gaming is not enough, they have to put their money where their mouth is. And did they *really* just include solitaire in a trailer, kind of insulting tbh.

Seafort1171d ago

Most of these games were coming to PC anyway so not sure why Microsoft is taking credit for the rise of PC gaming which they had nothing to do with.

I want to see Microsoft walk the walk not talk the talk like they normally do.

I love how they advertise Minecraft and Solitaire. Both of these games have been on PC for years.

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