As of Gamescom 2015: 7 Impactful Changes Coming to FIFA 16

The clock ticked on towards fifa16 releasing, latest news about fifa16 appeared explosively, wave after wave. FIFA 16 looks to continue that tradition by expanding the game mode options as opposed to drastically altering the actual state of play. Without further ado, then, the most impactful changes coming to FIFA 16…

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Metallox1167d ago

Not impressive, too much online and nothing rescatable from offline modes.

The fact that now you can win money while doing pre-season is appreciated, and the career mode training thing sounds cool, but... I still think the whole career mode needs a whole overhaul, like, a really big one.

Anyway, I stick with this from the article:

"If you’re Man Utd then you can expect to go up against Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and Juventus.

Playing as Plymouth? Don’t expect anything so glamorous. Wycombe, perhaps?"


christop1167d ago

Whatever, this year's fifa 16 really improved a lot, a lot of very interesting features, I still look forward to, and the other, I didn't mean to offend.......

sephiroth4201167d ago

lol nothing at all to be excited about by these so called changes. looks like its still gonna be the same, i love how they do the most minute of changes possible each year. i wish they would bring in some fun arenas and game modes, i miss the old indoor arena where it couldnt go out of play. they should have a feature to remove the referee completely, the refs and goal keepers are the biggest problem lol.