The Structure Network: Single Player Re-Play - The Evil Within

The Structure Network: Welcome to another edition of Single Player Re-Play. For those of you who don’t know, Single Player Replay is a series created to help gamers like you save money when it comes to looking for games that have solid, single-player storylines. No one wants to delve into meaty single-player video games that turn out to be terrible. So, why focus on single-player? Though multiplayer is very important in regards to the longevity of certain titles, many gamers do desire memorable or immersive experiences that take place within a game's campaign. Games with substance leave players feeling full once they put down the controller. Last week I wrote about The Last of Us and how that game has great replay value. This week I want to talk about that utilizes horror in a different way. Its time to talk about Bethesda's The Evil Within.

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