Take-Two Renews Agent Trademark, Again

Rockstar’s appearance at Gamescom left many wondering what they have up their sleeve. A recent trademark renewal for Agent suggests that Rockstar is finally ready to reveal the game to the public again, after years of prolonged silence.

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Majin-vegeta1264d ago

Maybe reannouncement at PGS for Sony show?

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Christopher1263d ago

Agent is worse than TLG by far. I don't expect it to ever come to fruition.

nX1263d ago

Ehh... what? Why not?

Christopher1263d ago

I dunno, probably because it's been 10 years and we've seen absolutely nothing?

spacedelete1263d ago ShowReplies(2)
3-4-51263d ago

Whatever Agent was...doesn't exist anymore.

Agent the IP exists but it's probably been restarted/rebooted 3-4 times now.

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stonecold31264d ago

maybe rockstar the moved the agent from ps3 and moved it forward towards the ps4 now

_-EDMIX-_1263d ago

Agreed. Could be, happen to The Last Guardian and FFXIII Versus so who knows.

Aloy-Boyfriend1264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

In 2009, you set Agent, so just do it. Make Agent come true!

Do it!

phoenixwake1263d ago

Don't let your games be games...

-Foxtrot1264d ago

They still owe Sony an exclusive after making Sony change their exclusive deal on L.A Noire for Agent.

With the PS4 install base being much bigger then the PS3 at this stage in it's life cycle maybe this is what Rockstar were waiting for.

_-EDMIX-_1263d ago

Sony was publishing LA Noire, the team took too long and the game cost too much money.

The publishing rights where sold to Rockstar, Rockstar published LA Noire.

After LA Noire released, Team Bondi sold the IP to Rockstar.

It was no deal as it was actually a game that Sony was making in house, Team Bondi did The Getaway series for Sony back in the day.

LA Noire was not made as a Rockstar Game, it was being made as a Sony published title at the time, all the way in 2003.

Now I've heard this whole story of Sony selling the IP to Rockstar but that doesn't really have much bases to it.

1, Sony sold the publishing rights to LA Noire to Rockstar.

2. It was Team Bondi that sold the IP to Rockstar, not Sony.

Now this deal could have been done for the publishing rights being handed over so you may have something I guess.

No one really knows any details of this deal with LA Noire or if one even exist, I mean if one does and I was mistaken I would like to see a link to any news of it, but thus far I just remember it as some gaming urban legend lol

DoctorFry1263d ago

They don't owe Sony anything.

-Foxtrot1263d ago

Urm...yeah they do

L.A Noire was swapped out for Agent

Agent is no where to be found

Sony paid Rockstar for L.A Noire but Rockstar kept money for Agent.

They've never said they've gotten money back from Rockstar as Agent keeps popping up

So yeah....they do owe Sony. Either that or give them their money back

gangsta_red1263d ago

"Sony paid Rockstar for L.A Noire but Rockstar kept money for Agent."

How exactly do you know Sony was never compensated for whatever reason you are stating?

Where did you even get this notion from?

-Foxtrot1263d ago

It's been on here before...ages ago

I would find it but honestly....I really can't be arsed to sit through all the articles on Rockstar to prove a point most people already know.

DoctorFry1263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

By legal bounds, Rockstar owes Sony absolutely nothing. Sony sold their publishing rights for LA Noire to Rockstar; in return, Sony expected the game to be a PS3 exclusive, but it ended up becoming multi-platform. It wasn't until 2007 when Rockstar and Sony secured a partnership to produce a game exclusive to the PS3. In 2009, that game was revealed to be Agent.

In a 2011 E3 interview, Jack Tretton claimed that Agent was still in active development; however, he wasn't entirely sure if the game would end up being a PS3 exclusive.

Link to interview:

In another 2013 E3 interview, Tretton admitted that he had no clue on what Rockstar was doing with Agent. Ever since then, trademark extensions have been surfacing from time to time, the last one registered on June 4th, 2015.

Is Rockstar obligated to make a game exclusive to Sony's platform? That's debatable, seeing how Sony assures their heathy relationship with Rockstar in the past bears room for an exclusive deal.

gangsta_red1263d ago

This sounds more legit than Rockstar "owing" something to Sony.

Especially after so much time has passed. I doubt Rockstar would be hurting for cash and trying to duck Sony.

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AudioEppa1264d ago

Why do this to my heart?

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