PS Vita Exclusive Superbeat Xonic Gets a Very Ravey Trailer

Fans of music games that also own a PS Vita are in that very slim section of the venn diagram we're too lazy to make. It's slim pickings at the best of times when it comes to the Vita, but try looking for a variety of music games and you'll be hard pressed to find a decent selection.

That said, there is a decent looking game for music lovers to tap to the beat with on the PS Vita this Autumn (Fall if you're a North American.)

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amnalehu1196d ago

wow! I might actually have to get that!

ChronoJoe1195d ago

Looks a lot like DJ Max Technika, different control system though, which is good because I didn't really feel like DJ Max's controls really worked on Vita. I found using the rear touch screen especially difficult.

Hopefully the music on this is good though, the track they used in this trailer is pretty questionable...