Mad Max - Here Is 14 Minutes Of New Gameplay Footage

YouTube’s ‘Best Top’ has released a new video, showing 14 minutes of gameplay footage from Avalanche’s upcoming Mad Max game.

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theXtReMe11195d ago

This video sold the game to me. I had zero interest before it, though it looks like it combines every genre of game I love... including car combat.

Cant wait to play this! Thank you for posting it.

SmokingMonkey1195d ago

WITNESS ME buy this day 1!

So shiny and chrome.

MurDocINC1195d ago

That's a lot of car upgrades, I hope you need them all to take on legendary 18 wheelers in the 4 corners of the map. Sorta like Assassin's Creed:Black Flag, searched the whole map for ship parts just to take down those mofos.

Freddy_Millz11194d ago

There are a lot of upgrades yes, but they mentioned in another vid that it is not wise to throw all upgrades on your car at once. The upgrades are suited for certain situations only. Case in point, u cant throw heavy armor and heavy raming grills on and still expect for your car to go fast. Also bigger block engines will burn gas faster. Its all about suiting the car to the needs of what you need to get done.

DonkeyDoner1195d ago

30 hours gameplay
5 QTE for last boss


DonkeyDoner1195d ago

you dont remember batman AK and middle-earth boss battle??

DonkeyDoner1195d ago

oh wait sorry there's no boss battle in batman AK

blaziliuz121195d ago

Whats that got to do with this game?

GetSomeLoGiK1194d ago

30 hours would be a godsend today considering the average gameplay of most games that get pushed out right now. Also a QTE boss is fine with me as long as the journey beforehand was enjoyable and worth it like Dyin Light, put about 50 hours in before I reached the last boss and the QTE didn't bother me since I considered that whole level as the boss fight. (running away from zombies, climbing the tower). Plus a boss fight of whatever you're expecting in a game like this wouldn't make sense/work, it'd just be another bullet sponge kind of deal.

chrisx1195d ago

This is good I like what I see

jmc88881195d ago

Is this the PS4 or PC version? All I've been able to find so far on the game is the PS4 version.

jmc88881195d ago

Well upon starting the video immediately I see the playstation controller buttons onscreen in the menu, so unless they have a DS4 hooked up to a PC, it's the PS4 version.

Maxor1195d ago

This is clearly the PS4 version. Pay attention to the frame rate.

xTheMercenary_1195d ago (Edited 1195d ago )

Look at the draw distance too, things on the floor begin to appear 5 metres away from the player. The game isn't complete so its understandable though.

mandingo1195d ago

Those pop ins kill my eyes

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The story is too old to be commented.