Bethesda Denies Hands On Gameplay at Gamescom

Katie joell from Gamerscore Shores writes "Fans of Fallout 4 were queuing for well over an hour in what they expected to be playing Fallout 4. When we approached Bethesda representatives at the press stand away from the show floor we were treated to a behind the scenes extended trailer look at the game but no hands on play. We have all of the details of the extended trailer information but what was evident was that it wasn’t clearly communicated to fans who paid ticket prices that they would be playing no single Bethesda title at Gamescom despite the sheer magnitude size of their stand."

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dreamoner1172d ago

the interviewer looks like

must be his brother or stg : p

Hysteria941172d ago

Well that was cringe worthy... "Pipboy" omg haha

SaveFerris1171d ago

The Germans who queued for this would've been annoyed if it wasn't for 'Pipboy'. Also, everyone having their photo taken with 'Pipboy' is doing the same thumbs up pose.