New 'Call Of Duty' Shift Is A Win For Sony's PS4, A Loss For Microsoft

Competitive Call of Duty play is ditching the Xbox One and Microsoft platforms for Sony’s PS4, Treyarch confirmed in a livestream, via VG24/7. This isn’t the most surprising announcement: Sony and Activision teamed up at this year’s E3 to announce that PS4 would be getting Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 DLC before the Xbox One, a subtle and yet vital change signaling the blockbuster shooter’s shifting alliances and marking the PS4′s seemingly unstoppable ascendancy. You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.

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FallenAngel19842618d ago

Call of Duty started selling better on PlayStation platforms since Black Ops 2. Activision making the switch was only inevitable.

I don't see how this is a huge loss for Microsoft since its still going to sell extremely well on Xbox platforms.

NeverHeavyMan2618d ago (Edited 2618d ago )

One of the reasons it used to sell better on the MS machine was because of stuff like this. First to DLC, competitions, marketing focus on Xbox.

This shift will, potentially, mean a shift of interest from one side to the other. That doesn't factor in that the PS4 version will just sell better anyway.

That is why it's a big deal.

@ Fallen's response below: No. The overall feeling of Call of Duty being an Xbox game didn't happen until just recently. It sold better in 2012, yes, but what is happening today speaks more to the nature of the market shift, in general. Not just Call Of Duty. This is, again, why it is a big deal, no matter how much you attempt to minimize it.

sactownlawyer9162618d ago (Edited 2618d ago )

Not to mention that it will be the best selling game this holiday like usual. People can hate cod all they want however any other dev not named rockstar would love to have cod sales figures.

Cod advance warfare was the best-selling game of 2014 and it didn't have half the hype blops3 does.

TKCMuzzer2618d ago (Edited 2618d ago )

er, it sold better on Xbox in America but I'm pretty sure world wide the PS3 versions of COD has had better overall sales over the last few years. As with most DLC, i think only a few are influenced by early DLC, many gamers just buy the version for their prefered console, I mean, 30 odd days is nothing.

FallenAngel19842618d ago

@ Heavy

The shift has already happened. CoD has already sold better on PS since 2012. This marketing deal is just icing on the cake

morganfell2618d ago

It is a loss for Microsoft because this will be one of the two biggest selling games of the season and Sony has the marketing deal on both of them. Marketing works. Bundles work. And Sony has those heading into the fall/holiday season.

FallenAngel19842618d ago

@ Morgan

It was going to sell better on PlayStation platforms regardless of the deal.

NeverHeavyMan2618d ago (Edited 2618d ago )

Exactly, which even furthers the point that this is so important. It's not going to suddenly make a change, it's going to add to an ALREADY changing climate.

Once again, why it's a big deal.

morganfell2617d ago

It isn't just about selling on PS4 platforms. It is about driving sales OF PS4 platforms.

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-Foxtrot2618d ago

Doesn't really change the fact it's still a dried out, old franchise on it's last wobbly legs.

MCTJim2618d ago

I dont think its dried out...What I think is its too overly complicated and not enough of the fun the older games had. If they brought back the fun of CoD 2, World at War and MW the series would be back on it stands now...its seriously on its last wobbly legs as you said.

I wont be pre ordering this game and will most likely buy it used so I can return it if it turns out like Ghosts and AW. The last 2 incarnations were just awful.

As for the DLC going to Playstation, enjoy :D It never mattered who got it first or 2nd to me as a gamer. As for the rest of the article, I agree with the author in terms of how the series has taken a downturn.

gangsta_red2618d ago

Those wobbly legs still manages to bring in record number sales with almost each entry.

Hellsvacancy2618d ago (Edited 2618d ago )

Thats DOESN'T mean it's a good thing!!!!

gangsta_red2618d ago

So are you trying to say that sales don't matter?

OC_MurphysLaw2618d ago (Edited 2618d ago )

No...I would argue the "record sales" is just Activision moving goal posts around to make it sound like a new record each year.

Just looking at the performance of each title and the Sony and MS platforms in particular you can see total sales declining year over year so far and the reality that the marketing deal for MS with COD really didn't do all that much for them.

Cod game sales all platforms:

COD AW 2014 - total sales 19.48 - PS4 6.78 / XboxOne 4.57 / PS3 3.99 / Xbox360 3.88

COD Ghosts 2013 - total sales 25.78 - Xbox360 9.72 / PS3 9.52 / XboxOne 2.47 / PS4 3.10

COD Black Ops 2 - 2012 - total sales 28.56 - PS3 13.58 / Xbox360 13.39

COD MW3 - 2011 - total sales 30.28 - Xbox360 14.54 / PS3 13.25

Yes take all the numbers specifically with a grain of salt since they are VGChartz but we know for something like this they are close enough for this purpose.

The fact is...the marketing deal proved to not be a "huge" edge for MS over the past 4 years. And the total sales are in decline year over year.

I think MS was smart/better off to step out of that deal, not fight for it or get it stolen from them...however you choose to view how it went down.

Hellsvacancy2618d ago

No, what i'm saying is just becuase the masses buy something doesn't mean it's good

magiciandude2618d ago

"No, what i'm saying is just becuase the masses buy something doesn't mean it's good"

Then why do they buy it? Because they think it's good? Why do you buy your games? Because you think they're good? Opinions, but some games have more mind share than others.

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Italiano12345672618d ago

While I totally agree the problem is it still sells a shit ton and Idk y

daBUSHwhaka2618d ago (Edited 2618d ago )

COD get worse every year.As Foxtrot says, its a dried out, old franchise on wobbly legs played mostly by kids who aren't even old enough to be playing it.Its a campaign rental at its best since MW2.Microsoft have lost nothing.It wasn't a big deal when MS had exclusively and its not a big deal now that Sony has it.

rdgneoz32618d ago

It may be an old dried out rehashed franchise, but it still sells a ton each and every year because people will buy it.

Relientk772618d ago

Of course it is, millions of people buy it every year

BigGamersSmallTalk2618d ago

I never heard it as a "win" for Microsoft when they had this deal. To me the DLC never mattered and I bought every COD on Xbox platforms since COD2.
I think people will continue to buy it on the platform they prefer, but don't count out the stability of Xbox Live as a reason people buy Xbox versions. No scheduled maintenance, less downtime than the competition.

sactownlawyer9162618d ago

If xbox live is so great why does every multi plat game sell better on ps4? I know what you are gonna say because they have a larger install base again if xbox live is so great why are so many people paying more money to play on psn?

OC_MurphysLaw2618d ago

...because they own PS4's? Not sure I follow your logic.

wakeNbake2618d ago

Because they have PS4s so they have no choice but to use PSN, thats such a stupid statement.

GenuineGamer2618d ago (Edited 2618d ago )

My best friend had a ps3 last gen and i really wanted to play cod with him, so i ended up having 2 copies of each cod. One on 360 and one on ps3. Xbox live is soooo much better than psn. Just trying to connect to my friend failed half the time or we couldn't talk to each other, many times we just gave up. And when we did play or just played by myself online, the lag was literally the difference between life and death quite a lot. Yeah it wasn't much, but when you coming round a corner and its split second shooting, you notice it. The xbox versions ran smoother, and had better latency that really made a difference for online gaming.

Moral of the story, Both networks get the job done, but live is the better performer without question. Only someone who hasn't had both would think otherwise.

also, MS have heavily invested in first party. Halo 5 is THE competitive esports pro shooter for xbox that isn't on any other platform. So xbox gets halo AND cod. Ps4 just gets cod... and somehow ps4 is the better platform??

They both doing 1080p now, but one has better online network. fanboys argue sales but i don't think that will last. Windows 10 just dropped with xbox built in. Just think, hundreds of millions of people will be downloading windows 10 and seeing how awesome it is. they see an xbox app for their games and decide to look into getting an xbox to go along with it. MILLIONS of people potentially thinking about that. Yeah i don't think this small gap in console sales right now this early in the gen is enough to call it.

MS dropped the cod deal, not the other way around. Too much money for a 1 month head start on dlc? People already know you can get the complete cod experience on xbox, its not worth the money.

Instead MS focus is smarter 3rd party deals and heavy investment in 1st party like halo 5 esports with a $1 million prize pool

TKCMuzzer2618d ago (Edited 2618d ago )

Do you work for Microsoft PR division? Smarter 3rd party deals? You mean the Tomb Raider deal which square are desperately trying to plaster over with stupid statements as it could seriously backfire.

I played both versions (PS3 and Xbox 360) and both had lag issues, both used similar network code and the same dodgy crap happened on both versions, most of the time it's very dependant on other people's connections.

Also, Halo 5 esports? The vast majority of Halo purchasers probably couldn't give a monkeys about esports and would probably not consider it good investment to throw money at it which you do, as it doesn't benefit them.

Windows 10? Xbox app? How many of those millions do you think even care about Xbox? It won't change people's interests, you are either into gaming or not, that whole cross system thing is aimed at their current gaming market.

Sometimes you have to think objectively, stand back, everything you mention is great if you're a dedicated Xbox fan who has endless hours to game and stream etc, the fact is, that's not the console target audience, most have full time jobs and families and other hobbies and just want to game as a relaxing pastime and whether you like it or not COD fits into that area very well.

GenuineGamer2618d ago (Edited 2618d ago )

TKC what are you getting at? Im not slamming cod, Im actually a huge cod fan and it fits into a busy life perfectly to have a couple rounds here and there, just like destiny actually.

Doesn't matter what you say ive sunk many hours into both platforms and its obvious xblive is superior. is what it is, which is why i prefer it.

and please don't try downplay halo. Its huge whether you think so or not.

Windows 10 goes hand in hand with xbox. Whether your a gamer or a media junkie, having xbox built into windows is going to get a lot of people thinking about getting an xbox for the living room, be it for gaming or streaming content.

Sales numbers are going to shoot up next year especially once windows 10 is fully rolled out.

Like you say, sometimes you need to take a step back and look at it. Cmon you know its gonna happen. Xbox sales are going to skyrocket.

BTW tomb raider was a mattrick deal, but still a better deal than the cod deal. Xbox is the only place to play rise of the tomb raider until 2016. and PS4 gets it a whole year after xbox. Lots of people Love tomb raider. When your in the shops choosing what console to buy this holiday and see tomb raider only on xbox, it has swaying power. The majority won't know its coming to ps4 a year later. it will look like a full blown exclusive.

Where as with black ops 3, its clearly on both platforms day 1

TKCMuzzer2618d ago

I'm not sure it's the DLC that's such a win for Sony, it's the advertising that will be their biggest gain from the deal. It may even refresh interest in the series by casuals who had drifted away.

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