Five Ways We Used to Watch Games Before Twitch

Streaming and Let’s Plays may be the “it” things in gaming, but they’re really nothing new.

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crazychris41241172d ago

Anyone remember the gaming channel up in the 700s if you had Optimum/Cablevision? It was called Gameplay HD and they would do playthroughs, a show dedicated to gaming trailers and more. That show actually persuaded me to get World in Conflict which is one of my favorite RTS games of all time.

Neixus1171d ago (Edited 1171d ago )

700s? Damn, are you like centuries old? :D

sonicsidewinder1171d ago

There was GamesMaster on TV.

I used to stream on Xfire too.

TeamLeaptrade1170d ago

Before there was twitch I mostly watched G4 and some other shows. I think Spike TV had their own gaming show at some point. Otherwise I would just watch my mother and sister play the NES when I was a kid.

Vermigs1169d ago

Old G4 was best G4. I remember myself and a bunch of friends would hook up two tvs in the basement, one for the games and one for G4, on the weekends and just marathon the weekend like that.