Soul Calibur IV PS3 launch sales lead over Xbox 360 SKU

Namco Bandai Inc.'s Soul Calibur IV for Sony Corp.'s Playstation 3 led over the Xbox 360 version in launch sales at on Tues.

Soul Calibur IV for the PS3 ranked at No. 9 in the Video Games division, while the Xbox 360 version ranked at No. 11.

Soul Calibur IV is the latest entry in the weapons-based fighting series. A standard edition sells for $59.99.

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smokeymicpot4745d ago

What is the big deal about the sales figures its not like it matters to anyone here


as a proud ps3 owner , this has got to stop .This is totally crap . who cares which title sells more than what ?

v1c1ous4745d ago is a banned website on this site to post as a news source.

too erratic.

mikeslemonade4745d ago

Preorders have also been ranked higher for PS3. This is just a sign that PS3 is growing and the 360 has plateaued.

sonarus4745d ago

lol @ amazon as source

Dacapn4745d ago

It matters to the fanboys. They like to jerk it to sales numbers.

Bnet3434745d ago

Yeah, and also this is from Amazon only. Since it shipped from Amazon and it takes one business day to ship, the people who bought it from there don't even have the game yet lol ....

ericnellie4745d ago

It's only the sales figures for amazon ONLY!

MorganX4744d ago

I'm getting Geometry Wars 2 on XBLA. Then I'll think about Soul Calibur. I'll prolly get it once the Yoda/Vader DLC is finalized. If PS3 version has trophy support, I'll buy it on PS3 or else it's 360.

I think the PS3 is more starved for good games right now so its sales should be more brisk on good new games

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GiantEnemyCrab4745d ago (Edited 4745d ago )

I agree. Didn't we learn from the GTA IV sales that does not represent the world? This same post was done with GTA IV and the 360 version outsold it and in some places 2:1. Oh well, whoever finds a "victory" in this enjoy it while you can.

EDIT: Oops too late: 360 version at #5 now and PS3 version at #7.

DarK-SilV4745d ago

GTA4 xbox360 5.72m
GTA4 PS3 4.21m
I hate VGchart

Muddyalcapones4745d ago

it's "hahahaha" not "jajajaja" type in English please....

Poor Xbots4745d ago

Poor Xbots

Poor Xbots, SC4 is a treasure, why would anyone want to run it on a piece of junk?

Poor Xbots

ukilnme4745d ago

Poor us

Poor us, your parents decided against birth control.

Poor us

juuken4745d ago

Harsh ukilnme but yeah...that was a little annoying to constantly hear over and over again.

ukilnme4745d ago

@ PoSTedUP

You are most welcome.


I just could not help myself. It only took 1 beer.

ravinshield4744d ago

when people realize that they have no rumble, no throphies and no custom soundtrack in the ps3 version they'll go right back to the store and sitch it for the 360 version

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Chuk54745d ago (Edited 4745d ago )

I bought the 360 version but i knew the ps3 version would outsell it.I'm happy for sony,but the sale figures aren't horribly unbalanced as one is in 9 and the other at 11.At the end of the day, the game is best fighting game on any console to date regardless of what console you play it on

dro4745d ago

OK!!! and then !!! getting bored of all these sales comparison just have fun with the game.