Gears of War: Ultimate Edition – Xbox One vs Xbox 360 Screenshot Comparison: a Massive Improvement

If you want to check out the differences between Gears of War: Ultimate Edition on Xbox One, and the original game on Xbox 360, Microsoft provided DualShockers with some really interesting screenshots.

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Digital_Anomaly1168d ago

I'm consistently getting more and more tired of spending my money on games I've already played on other systems but I'll be damned if this doesn't look hella good.


XBLSkull1168d ago (Edited 1168d ago )

I mean, it looks good. But GoW in 2006(was it?) was far more impressive to me than this remaster is today.

My gripe with gears is they have continually seemed to change everything to execution mode, which is BS. If I down someone, I should be able to put a few more in him at 20 yards and finish him off, I shouldn't have to close that ground only for him to get up and shotgun me. It's stupid. I'm holding out to see what the playlists are like in multiplayer. I'm not buying this if every matchmade game plays execution rules. I need an objective based standard rule set playlist.

I really would have preferred a full remaster like H2A, port it over to Unreal 4 instead of using 3 again... They can only justify that price tag because they are throwing in 4 other GoW games. I'd have just liked this game at $10-15.

akurtz1168d ago

Its called execution because you have to... Execute the downed enemy. Ever seen an execution? Its all done up close and personal. Plus, almost all the gametypes had the setting where you can down an enemy and finish them off from a distance. Youre wrong.

donthate1168d ago

That is why you have other game modes!

It's kind of like playing capture the ring, and then complain about the ring....

starchild1168d ago

This is a petty extensive reworking of the game. The lighting and shading in particular are vastly better than in the original.

daBUSHwhaka1168d ago

They have my money for sure.After playing the beta and seeing just how much has changed graphically I can't wait to get stuck in again.I really need a good multiplayer game to keep me going.

Rookie_Monster1168d ago (Edited 1168d ago )

This Is essentially a Remake, Not A Simple 1080p bump, cheap cash grab.

It is like night and day compared to the X360 version. Add on 4 additional BC titles, all online ready, crossed platform play with PC and 5 additional PC levels, $40 is totally justify.

donthate1168d ago (Edited 1168d ago )

Don't forget dedicated servers, modernized game mechanics, redone cinematics, significantly upgraded facial animation and redone animations overall.

At $40, I would say it is a steal compared to some of the other 1080p bump and cheap cash grab!

TFJWM1168d ago

A remake changes some of the gameplay it is still a remaster, just a well done one

starchild1168d ago

Actually some of the gameplay has been tweaked as well, such as movement and cover, as I understand. It's really just semantics whether you call it a remake or a remaster. Lots of assets clearly have been "remade". It's partially remade and partially remastered.

Sureshot1168d ago

Now THAT'S how you remaster a game!

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The story is too old to be commented.