Final Fantasy XV Director Talks Frame Rate on PS4 and Xbox one; PC Might Be Considered After Launch

The first version of Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae has a slightly shaky frame rate, but the situation was improved for version 2.0. At Gamescom, Director Hajime Tabata gave an update on how his quest for stable frame rate is proceeding, also hinting to the possibility of a PC version.

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DevilOgreFish1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

"That said, once the console version will be out, they will want to think about the next step, and they’ll consider a PC version too.

Tabata-san is also very interested in Steam, because it allows to reach a very different demographic from the one offered by consoles, so he’ll be looking at creating opportunities to use the platform in the future."

PC!!!! I knew it was going to happen with that FF Type-0 game announcement, and all that Dx12 stuff some months ago. with how long FFXV has been in development SE's had enough time to start slowly introduce games for Steam.

Magicite1259d ago

PC version it is then! Hopefully wont need to wait too much.

1259d ago
_-EDMIX-_1259d ago

Well thats easy to guess seeing how they are making lots of PC versions. Good for Square, they are putting themselves in a place many other japanese RPG publishers are not and its a smart idea.

Volkama1259d ago

There is actually quite a vibrant JRPG scene on PC at the moment. It isn't just Final Fantasy games.

Always been fond of JRPGs, so it's good to see something of a renaissance on the Playstation side and emergence on the PC side.

_-EDMIX-_1259d ago

@Volkama- agreed, but many big Japanese publishers are missing from PC at the moment.

Erik73571259d ago

Might???? Please I don't wanna play it at 25 fps with lag spikes on my ps4...

Snookies121259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

You're basing that off, what exactly...? A playable 'alpha', because that's what the demo is. Fine tuning the frames per second comes at the end of development.

Erik73571259d ago

Yea a playable alpha of a game that's been 5 YEARS in development...

Gasian1259d ago

@Fries1223 Development restarted in 2012 after the switch to Xbox One and PS4. Look your facts up before shouting things out. It makes you look ignorant, man.

_-EDMIX-_1259d ago

Agreed. Mind you, they moved assets over from one engine to another.

Though they likely had a lot of content done prior, they still have to work out a bunch of things on a new engine vs the last one. Like Irishguy stated, alpha is alpha.

Spyroo1259d ago

No it wasn't 5 yrs of development. If you stayed up to date they actually scrapped the old version do redone the story, and everything and porting over stuff and using their new engine which is flopping etc

_-EDMIX-_1259d ago

It was, just under a different engine. To don't believe the whole game was scrapped as they transferred over data from one engine to another. So I would say porting over stuff would still mean thats part of the development time.

But the engine and the games current build no matter the time spent can very must still be in alpha.

Germany71259d ago

You don't even have a PS4, nice try.

Haru1259d ago

The Demo runs at a stable 30 fps on PS4 and 20 fps on xbone

NoctisPendragon1259d ago

Average 28 FPS (often 30 and drops at 24 in hard times ) for the ps4 version according to DF.

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DevilOgreFish1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

"With a full open world game, with action-based combat, so many special effects and moving objects and characters, running at 1080p and 60 FPS would require a "top PC."

This statement is actually a little inaccurate, especially when they had access to Dx12 before all of us and even acknowledged it's performance boost then. second, he's also envisioning if this game was to launch today, by the time that this game launches things would be different.

SouljAx3601259d ago

If it can run on PS4 and XBO most budget PCs shouldn't have any issue with it. But then again I got the PS4 Duscae demo and it runs and looks awful. People think because it's just a demo that SE is gonna wave their magic wand and fix everything but I'm not as optimistic. Not after playing FF 13-2 on PS3. Turn based doesn't need much FPS but the 10-20FPS of that game was just crazy.

DevilOgreFish1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

My thoughts exactly. The quality of the demo isn't the full representation of the game or optimization. So Under optimal conditions it shouldn't be difficult to run this at 1080p 60fps. The consoles are also targeting 1080p as well. This is why i say the comment "top pc" seems inaccurate, not unless the pc version is expecting other features on top of the original.

someOnecalled1259d ago

They're running out of ammo

slane31259d ago

Its funny how pc master race wants our console games.....LOL

DevilOgreFish1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

Did you like max payen, hitman, half life, portal and the witcher 3? Master Race says you're welcome. Master race also says you're welcome for providing the tools for making shenmue 3 come true.

jambola1251d ago

What do you mean "master race says you're welcome" ?
do you think you had some involvement in it?

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