Xbox One-Exclusive Quantum Break Cast Includes Game of Thrones, LOTR, X-Men Actors

Remedy Entertainment has announced the full actor lineup for its upcoming video game/TV show hybrid, Quantum Break. As previously announced, the Xbox One game (which we saw more of this week at Gamescom) follows the story of the heroes, while the live-action TV show focuses on the villains.

Quantum Break's cast is headlined by X-Men actor Shawn Ashmore and Lord of the Rings and Lost star Dominic Monaghan in two of the lead roles. Game of Thrones actor Aidan Gillen and Lance Reddick from The Wire will also appear in Quantum Break.

Take a look at the full cast below the video. It's not immediately, however, which characters are heroes and which are villains. It's also possible that the distinction between hero and villain may be a little fuzzy.

Quantum Break was originally scheduled to launch in 2015, but was later shifted to 2016. At Gamescom this week, Microsoft announced the game's new release date.

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oSHINSAo1166d ago

I hate that this is going to be the last game with a "TV Series" or Live Action episodes, because of the closure of the MS Entertainment Studio


I agree, it is sad that MS's vision is being held back by crybabies who thought MS was trying to ruin gaming.

ABizzel11166d ago (Edited 1166d ago )


That's probably one of those most ignorant comments I've seen in a long time on n4g, and that's saying something.

Paraphrase: A company closes a business they've invested millions into, because some fanboys complained.

Truth: The reason it closed was simply because it was a bad business investment, and MS didn't account for all the expenses that come with developing commercial entertainment on the budget they were trying to achieve.

Had they gone with a simpler Netflix like stream of shows, then it would have been fine. But they were investing money into these projects like they were top budget film. They had big names from the film and broadcast industry on board, and it was just leaking too much money and wouldn't turning a profit anytime soon (here we are in 2015 with our first glimpse of what those studios were trying to do launching with Quantum Break in April 2016).

Those studios closed simply because of bad business. The cost significantly outweighed the good that could have come. They had Spielberg on for the Halo series and his director's fee is $100,000,000 (yes you read that right) ONE HUNDRED MILLION per project. While he was by far the most expensive name there, they also had to pay and hire hundreds of people to film, write, direct, edit, etc... all these projects, and then they had CEO from other companies join them to run the business like Nancy Tellem (former CBS President).

It was a bad investment, plain and simple, and leaked money everywhere. And sometimes you simply have to call it quits and move on, or try again later.

That's what happened to "MS's vision", not some fanboys.


A few things...first, I wasn't just talking about the tv stuff. I was speaking about MS's vision as a whole.

A little about me, in 2013 I had already had my mind set and budgeted to buy all of the consoles, like I do every generation. I was mostly excited for what MS was doing, because they seemed to be trying to push the medium forward with cloud computing, game sharing, media hub, and the merging of games/movies/entertainment and tv shows. Forever, I have wanted my hobby (gaming) to be appreciated by the masses, and MS had the best vision for that IMO.

I feel like the forward thinking of MS was held back by people who ranted and raved about what MS was doing, forcing them to slow down an inevitable process on how we consume media. With the outrage, MS pulled back, not only on the tv stuff, but the Kinect as well.

For me these were things that made the console unique and what I have always wanted out of a console. To this day, I still think the xbox one is the cooler console but it could have been much cooler without the childish outrage.

SIMOIKIE1166d ago

Looks like they are bringing in the right kind of talent to make this game successful. Hopefully this game will deliver Ill be rooting for it to!

Deathdeliverer1166d ago

I'm going to wait until I have the game and hope for the best, but I have never liked it when games tied in real life video. Reminds me of Night Trap, Wing Commander, and some of the command and conquer games. Guess I'm kinda traumatized. Game itself looks great though. Far better than it used to. It was on my bargain bin list before they made all these changes. Now I'm in the day one crowd. Really hope Hollywood would get out my games though. Rainbow 6, COD, now this. Voice acting is fine, but not the person.

Septic1166d ago

Ooh loved Wing Commander

Deathdeliverer1166d ago

I loved wing commander too. Just not the actors. Those damn kilrathi!

Shazz1166d ago

seen littlefinger in the trailer, this game is going to be great i think