Cities: Skylines to get After Dark expansion

After Dark, the expansion to Cities: Skylines, was announced at Paradox Interactive's fan gathering at Gamescom 2015. Here's a breakdown of what was said.

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crazychris41241172d ago


Day/Night cycle, new buildings, new zoning options (beachfront, leisure), prisons, and reworked police force are music to my ears. I have 100 hours into this game since launch and Im currently working on a 215k population city and loving every minute of it. However this game needs disasters and it needs them asap. One of the reasons Simcity was so much fun was once you filled up the city, you would destroy it and move onto the next one. Also they need to do what they can to improve the traffic system. Its frustrating when you have a 2 mile long line in the left lane but the middle and right lanes are empty.