Report: Konami looking good financially

Konami published an earnings report today showing a 159% increase in profit over this time last year.

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TheGreatGamer1263d ago

Guess the concentration camp business is profitable

breakpad1263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

IMO Kojima should not break up with Konami and vice versa..Lets not consider Kojima completely innocent as to create an inner independent state within a state is disloyalty in some way..He is an extremely talented asset and his work, Fox engine should not be left vaguely in Konami s hands after so much effort(at least do not break up before back up his Fox engine and ensures he can start again with some of its previous staff :p)

Yi-Long1263d ago

'Konami is looking good, financially.
... Morally!? Not so much... '

triple_c1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

Lol @ the fact that you got so many disagrees. I guess the dehumanization of people and the mistreatment of employees that are helping a company become richer is ok to some people.

-Foxtrot1263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

Oh that's lovely

Treat you workers like crap

P*** off you gaming audience

Then drive your franchises into the ground

And all will be good financially


Guess they'll never learn

Godmars2901263d ago

Have to wait till post MGS5's launch, how gambling laws work out in Japan, and then whatever happens with any other console games they put out.

Its going to be a long wait until their moves really effect them.

annoyedgamer1263d ago

And that surprises you why? EA has been doing that for years and is making record profits...

freshslicepizza1262d ago

learn what, that making mobile games is more profitable? you seem upset they are in the business of making money.

Relientk771263d ago

Yeah but they're still D Bags

rebeljoe141262d ago

I see what you did there cause D-Bags

FallenAngel19841263d ago

Seems like running employees like slaves instead of actual people is a profitable business

Hellsvacancy1263d ago

You think this just applies to Konami?

FallenAngel19841263d ago

Of course not. Places like Walmart have horrible work conditions, but that's not going to stop the public from shopping there to get the best deals.

_-EDMIX-_1263d ago

well thats because business is about service and or getting a working product.

Emotions and feelings don't factor in.

Who buys a game based on "I wonder if this game was made with pain and suffering?" lol I mean...if we did would EA not be shut down years ago? lolz, I kid.

mav8051263d ago

I don't like the direction that Konami has taken any more than the next guy...and being that I was never a big fan of their's in the first place I'm sure that if Konami goes under those 5,500 employees that lose their jobs will be eternally grateful to those of us that were concerned enough to force their liberation.

Luckily for those employees, however, they aren't slaves. So if they find themselves reassigned to what is a 'lesser' position rather than the alternative of being terminated, they can always quit themselves and find employment elsewhere and with a company that better suits their needs.

Summons751263d ago

That'll change real fast soon once MGSV sales hit their peak.

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The story is too old to be commented.