Rockstar Spotted at Gamescom 2015

Is Rockstar Games finally ready to reveal something new?

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scark921170d ago

Bully 2 is way overdue ;)

lemoncake1170d ago

I am expecting red dead 2 but I would love it if they surprised me with a bully 2 announcement, such a great game that deserves some love.

3-4-51170d ago

Red Dead 2...or well it would be the 3rd then right?

DoctorFry1170d ago

It would technically be the third one. I don't get how people still don't know that Red Dead Revolver existed.

3-4-51170d ago

the series wasn't as popular then so some didn't even know it existed.

SkippyPaccino1170d ago

Man RED DEAD REVOLVER was hard...Still cant believe i was able to finish it. That freaking fight outside that governors house where you had to protect you allies and yourself was almost impossible. I was on my last bit of life and i shot the last dude as he shot me and the dying animation started as the cut scene and that's how i got passed. lol

TheOnlyMastrx1170d ago

Red Dead Redemption 2, everybody should know by now to type Redemption or people will argue that its technically the 3rd...

morganfell1169d ago

I don't think they will make Red Dead Redemption 2. Knowing Rockstar it will be something like Red Dead Revenge. New characters. Personally, for their next western themed game I would like to see them tackle something like The Strange Man of the Oglalas.

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-Foxtrot1170d ago


But the GTAV Single Player DLC is aswell

ocelot071170d ago

Or they would just do what ion666 said and call it Red Dead ....

Just like GTA San Andreas, GTA Vice City ect. I like the name Red Dead Revenge.

xTheMercenary_1170d ago

I'd rather have a red dead 3 to be honest.

galgor1170d ago

It's probably gta v dlc but Bully 2 would be amazing. Long long overdue.

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CaptainPunch1170d ago

That's what I'm guessing most likely.

Lighter91170d ago

Actually, since he put the word Redemption in there, that would make it the second Redemption.

ion6661170d ago

I'm guessing they'll call it Red Dead _______. Fill in the blank. Hopefully its not Red Dead forever or Red Dead Bigger Better

AnotherProGamer1170d ago

No it won't, the reason they didn't call it Red Dead Revolver 2 is cause no one played it and would confuse millions of people

They will call it Redemption 2 since everyone knows that name

SquidBuck1170d ago (Edited 1170d ago )

AGENT! lmao ;)

MasterCornholio1169d ago

Well they just renewed the trademark.

I'm not sure that means anything though.

YodaCracker1170d ago

I'm still waiting for the GTA V single player DLC, but I'm definitely ready for a new entry in a different Rockstar series. Bully? Red Dead?

TeamLeaptrade1170d ago

Oh please let it be Red Dead Redemption 2. I would welcome Bully 2 or any other of their hit franchises. Or, what would be cool is a completely new IP.

DoctorFry1170d ago

It wouldn't be called Red Dead Redemption 2.

SavageFlamingo1170d ago

Who cares? It's Red Dead Redemption 2 until it's announced.

IIFloodyII1170d ago

Why wouldn't it? The first Red Dead didn't have Redemption in the title, I wouldn't say Red Dead Redemption 2 being the title is impossible, It's probably more likely than just Red Dead 3.

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