Ori is getting a Definitive Edition, not an expansion

New details have come to light clarifying a tweet by Major Nelson stating that Ori and the Blind Forest was receiving an expansion. The game is not receiving an expansion, it is receiving a Definitive Edition containing new content that is due out Holiday 2015.

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TheGreatGamer1534d ago

A definitive edition, an expansion.. whatever it's getting I'll definitely be buying it day one

Rimeskeem1534d ago

A definitive edition for a game that came out this year?

sounds kind of ridiculous imo

MeliMel1534d ago

Maybe It's getting a retail release and thats why. I havent read article yet in working.

brich2331534d ago

I havent even gotten around to playing it, had it installed since release and now I think im going to wait for that definitive edition.

lemoncake1534d ago

I would much prefer an expansion.

Rookie_Monster1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

Don't panic people, the director of Ori, Thomas Mahler, had already posted n reassurance on Neogaf for people that already bought Ori or is thinking about buying it tomorrow. relax, go enjoy the game. :)

Thomas Mahler:
"So good to see the positive responses! I promise we'll work insanely hard to make you guys happy. People who already own Ori or are buying it now shouldn't worry, this'll be a good deal for you in the end, especially if you liked Ori and would like to play more of it :)"

Kurisu1534d ago

This game looks great. I look forward to purchasing my definitive edition when l get my Xbox One. That FIFA bundle earlier I seen posted earlier is a really good deal. I don't care for football, but if Tomb Raider gets a bundle then I might just bite. Might. Or I might just wait until Quantum Break.

Ugh I honestly am torn. Who knew that purchasing your first Microsoft console could be so hard!!!

Fro_xoxo1534d ago

more of Ori :) Why not? ^_^

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