Guerrilla's Game Director On Weapon Technology in PS4 Exclusive Horizon: Zero Dawn

Guerrilla Games' game director Mathijs de Jonge on Twitter about weapon technology in PS4 exclusive Horizon: Zero Dawn

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Genuine-User1172d ago

"Technology is a mystery for the tribes, they combine things, but don't fully understand the tech behind it."

Interesting. I can't wait to see more of Horizon come Playstation Paris Games Week.

LordMaim1172d ago

Ditto. I'm genuinely excited to see more of this new IP.

Dir_en_grey1172d ago (Edited 1172d ago )

It looks amazing, but I really hope they don't make the mistake of making only one weapon type and the player just end up getting different types of bows. Cuz this will pretty much mean it's just another shooter and u are just using bows instead.

Well with the hunting system it already looks better than your typical shooter, but if they can give us different weapon types (I'm hoping for close range main weapons as well as long range) and each can be upgraded like the bow that they showed, then this game will definitely be a grand slam home run.

reallyNow1172d ago

we already saw the main character take a weapon from the roborex and use it against it. I think there's going to be plenty of opportunity to find and upgrade weapons.

fenome1172d ago (Edited 1172d ago )

I can't wait to see more either. I thought they were going to do a live demo from the e3 presser at Gamescom, but I can't find any info on it anywhere. Really looking forward to hearing more about it!

Thatguy-3101172d ago

I hoping that their is real animal interaction and not just machines. This game is going to kill it when it releases. So much potential with how that universe plays out.

fenome1172d ago (Edited 1172d ago )

Yeah, that would be cool, like how nature and the machines coexist.. I know they showed salmon jumping in the stream in the reveal, so real animals definitely are a part of it. Can't wait to see more!

reallyNow1172d ago

animals basically HAVE to exist, because people exist, and they're not cannibals.

Chaosdreams1172d ago

"Hey, what's this new weapon?"

*Pushes trigger accidentally, vaporizes surrounding area into a pile of debris and ash.*


NeverHeavyMan1172d ago (Edited 1172d ago )

I have a feeling that Sony is going to make a HUGE deal out of that show! They wouldn't skip a Gamescom presser for nothing!

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littlezizu1172d ago (Edited 1172d ago )

I wish they stream gamescom private booth demo. More and more i hear about this game more excited i become.

fenome1172d ago

Oh, so it was a 'behind closed doors' demo? Damn, I was really looking forward to seeing more.. I gues 'hands off impressions' articles will have to tie me over until the next reveal. Oh well, I'll take what I can get.

littlezizu1172d ago

They said they will reveal more info and new trailer in PGS.

sactownlawyer9161172d ago

This game looks amazing cant wait to see more and hear more details. The fact that its looks this good already is mind blowing.

Sparta071172d ago (Edited 1172d ago )

This game is going to be awesome!!! I'm loving everything about this.

I also like that there are no guns, just a bow and different types of arrows. Is going to be challenging. Day one for me!

OhMyGandhi1172d ago

I think the reason why this game is so inherently interesting to so many people (myself included) is because we don't feel like we know everything about it. It's unpredictable, unknowable. I like that the reveal trailer didn't reveal everything. It's so refreshing.

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