World of Warcraft: Legion Reception Has Been Lukewarm, May Not Thwart Subscriber Decline

GameRevolution: "Watching the announcement presentation, when the screen went black and the debut trailer was started, deep inside I knew that it was unlikely that what Blizzard was about to show would be sufficient to recapture the essence of World of Warcraft. Even then, everything inside me wanted to be impressed, and wanted to be given a reason to be excited. I remember the reveals for Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King, and even Warlords of Draenor being memorable moments in MMO history, making a strong impression that caused positive discussion and healthy anticipation. I couldn't wait to experience level 70, battle the Lich King's minions, and explore Draenor."

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Wedge191169d ago

I just think that WoW's time is passed.