Sean Eyestone wears a "Kojima Productions" t-shirt at Gamescom

While presenting the latest Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain demo at the IGN booth at Gamescom 2015, Sean Eyestone (which is introduced as "Sean from Kojima Productions") wore a shirt saying "Kojima Productions" and with its usual logo on it.
This is pretty weird, considering the rumours that have been circulating about the studio's disbandment.
Let me also remind you that the E3 40 minutes gameplay footage also ended with Snake wearing the "Kojima Productions" logo.

What does this mean? Will we see Kojima Production's logo back on the final box art of the game when it launches? I really hope so.

In the video below you can see the interview, along with some footage of the playable demo at Gamescom, in Germany.

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ArchangelMike1168d ago

Where can I get one of those T-shirts, I'll order a pair. After what I saw of the MGSV motherbase and multiplayer Foreward-Operating-Base gameplay, I'm even more pi$$ed of at Konami for not giving Kojima the credit he deserves for this game.

DEEBO1168d ago

I want the boots hell i want the shirt too.

XboxOneX1167d ago

If it says a Hideo Kojima game on the box art then I will pre order it again after cancelling the last one.

imtheman20131167d ago (Edited 1167d ago )

If anything, they're inadvertently giving Kojima almost all the credit for making this game (which he and his team deserve). By making a big deal out of his name being on the box, and trying to slyly remove it, they've brought a giant searchlight to them where one wasn't before. And since no one internally is talking about what actually happened between Kojima and Konami, the only thing people can do is speculate. All the evidence points to Kojima being wronged in some way, and Konami have royally screwed themselves in coming out of this looking like anything other than the bad guy.

This will go down as Kojima's best game (most likely, from what I've seen anyway), and everyone will know it. His name is being said now more than ever thanks to Konami... which is probably the opposite of what they wanted.

just_looken1167d ago

Sighn :(

More idiots talking about mgs

The kojima logo is also the foxhound logo ingame so it has to be in the game.

Also in peace walker they had the tees as a extra unlock so it was part of the game.

Aswell hideo kojima was in peace walker as intel support he made a comback in ground zero's.

GameBoyColor1167d ago

The logo just isnt the same as his name!

Summons751167d ago

I really hope every reviewer out there rubs salt in Konami's eyes by not mentioning Konami at all and saying Kojima Productions and "A Hideo Kojima Game" a million times. Konami isn't making any games after this anyway so people who got review copies might as well support the community and tell Konami the awful, horrible sh** they are doing is unacceptable all while giving Kojima and everyone at Kojima Production the credit they deserve. I know it will never happen but I also hope that they sneak a reverseable cover into TPP with "A Hideo Kojima game" and Kojima Productions on it.

BABY-JEDI1167d ago

I'm just disappointed that they didn't all wear Kojima masks & popped out of cardboard boxes that were cunningly camouflaged

IIFloodyII1167d ago

My base logo is going to be "A Hideo Kojima Game" with the Fox logo, that or "F**k Konami!"

raWfodog1167d ago

Hell Yeah, if we can customize our logos I'm gonna try to come up with something like "Kojima Forever". Maybe even import his picture into the logo.

Ahytys1167d ago

I wanted to share this as a news because I find it strange for konami to add the kojima logo in a gameplay footage and to allow someone from their team to wear a "Kojima Productions" t shirt... I really find it strange. Maybe they just want to calm down the fans.

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