The Witness Should be Releasing Relatively Soon, "Bug Squashing" in Progress

OnlySP: The Witness is in the final stages of development.

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uth111169d ago

Soon in this case means we won't have to wait until next decade!

fermcr1169d ago

"The Witness Should be Releasing Relatively Soon"

Game still alive? Completely forgot about this game.

SquidBuck1169d ago

It was announced in 2013, only two years ago. Jeez people are so impatient.

PockyKing1169d ago

I'd say that's still a bit early. Puzzle games are pretty complex so there's probably a lot of bugs to squash, especially since the last puzzle count I saw was well over 600. I'd say either late October or early November is when we see this one come out. If not a Spring 2016 release.

Sir_Simba1169d ago

that would be suicide. MGSV will have media attention for the entire week.

nucky641169d ago

FINALLY! I've been looking forward to this for a long time.

Mikefizzled1169d ago

I wonder if he is going to blame Microsoft for having bugs in his game...

MasterCornholio1169d ago

Been waiting for this game a while. Hopefully I don't have to wait much longer.