Xbox: We have a game for every region in Europe

Xbox boasts that it has a game to suit every European territory.

EMEA boss Neil Thompson stopped short of saying the company could take the No.1 position from PlayStation, which is currently dominating sales across the territory.

But he did tell MCV @ Gamescom that the line-up for Christmas 2015 will allow Microsoft to at least regain market share, and win over the millions of Xbox 360 owners that have yet to upgrade to theXbox One.

“It is textured across Europe,” he said. “In some markets we are very happy with how we are trending, but there are some markets where we want to make more ground.

“The overarching feeling is that, fundamentally, we have never had more people playing the Xbox platforms as we do today. But what we obviously want to do is get more people playing on Xbox One. And part of that has been all of the content that we unveiled at E3, and what we talked about here today.

“We absolutely want to win share in Europe. And we think the games line-up we have got, the backwards compatibility, the DVR elements and so on – all of this will help us build more-and-more momentum and success for Xbox One.

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FallenAngel19841803d ago

What more market share is there to win? Sony already has the majority marketshare in that region and this looks unlikely to change. They sell more PS4's in Europe that they do in North America.

For X1 to gain serious marketshare it has to sell more units than the region it currently does best in, which is virtually impossible.

ThinkThink1803d ago

"What more market share is there to win"?

Quite a bit actually considering the majority haven't upgraded to next gen yet. This year is crucial as statistically speaking it's the year that the mainstream make the leap to current gen and leave last gen behind.

TheGreatGamer1803d ago

"What more market share is there to win?" Lol what? Do you think the entire gaming population in Europe have upgraded to next gen in under 2 years of the consoles being out?

christocolus1803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )


You're right. There's still so many last gen gamers yet to move to current gen and many may decide to make the jump this fall. MS does have an amazing line up this fall and an even more amazing lineup next year.They really need to push those exclusives hard.I actually hope they do better in Europe this Holiday. I expect Halo 5, Tomb Raider, Fable legends and Forza 6 to help move some of the current xbx 360 owners over to Xbox One, the smaller titles like Gears ultimate, Rare replay, Gigantic and Elite should help too and maybe a price drop announcement towards the holidays.


My point exactly.

DougLord1803d ago Show
iTechHeads1803d ago

Some people just can't handle the truth. Xbox is just too much of an American brand to be of any real success outside of the US and UK.

And BTW there is already a game for every region in Europe. It's called FIFA and its especially popular with Playstation consoles.

Christopher1802d ago

I agree on FIFA being for all market regions in Europe. MS is hitting it hard with the exclusive content for FIFA, though.

FallenAngel19841802d ago

I have no doubt that X1 can sell more units on Europe. They sold around 25 million 360's last gen in that region. Just not as much to be a serious competitor to PS4.

iTechHeads1801d ago

XB1 is not doing favorably sales-wise compared to the 360 in the EU this time around.

MS has had FIFA exclusive stuff since the XB1 launch it hasn't changed a thing. Moneyhats only make a difference if you have a chance to win, and in the EU Microsoft doesn't' stand a chance against the PS4.

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corroios1803d ago

They are doing their job and trying to increase sales. Nothing more. They need more sales for the millions they are spending. Its business nothing more.

Pr talk is just part of the strategy. Last year was the same with Sunset, Forza and the mega colection Halo. This year is another strike.

Death1802d ago

Crazy Microsoft for making more games and adding more features to try and sell consoles. What are they thinking?

DougLord1803d ago

Not sure why Europe isn't buying more Xone's. MSFT needs to use Azure to enable some kind of revolutionary soccer experience. Or maybe dress all the Crackdown characters as EU peace keepers.

Immorals1802d ago

If you want to appease Europe, at least call the sport by its proper and original name. Football.

RiseofScorpio1802d ago

Well Forza does means Force in Italian.

1802d ago