Why Nintendo won’t annualize franchises like Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros.

Curious as to why Nintendo doesn’t annualize their franchises like other publishers, spoke with Scott Moffitt, Executive VP of Sales at Nintendo of America. Moffitt also details how the company can make use of downloadable content to keep games feeling new and fresh instead of annualizing their games.

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RuleNumber51793d ago

I respect Nintendo for not abusing their IP especially when they have had every right to do so with the Wii U not selling as well. That said, a few times per generation wouldn't exactly hurt either.

ABizzel11793d ago

Once per gen is more than enough IMO (maybe 2), simply because at this point you can almost guarantee that you'll get a sequel with their new console, and honestly there's not much that you really need to do with a sequel to Smash or Kart that's can't be done through DLC over the years.

I'd much rather they spend time visiting older unused IP's and making New IP.

I wish they could do Mario Kart & Diddy Kong Racing, but we know that won't happen.

RuleNumber51793d ago

I wish Nintendo would team up with Psyonix and make Rocket Mario Kart Soccer. That would be f-ing amazing.

Testfire1793d ago

With dlc now they can keep a title going for years. Gone are the days when you release a game and that's all you get until the next sequel. One iteration per gen is enough if you keep it fresh with dlc, and especially free dlc.

1793d ago
rjason121793d ago

Well with them finally utilizing dlc, it's even less likely that games like Mario kart and smash are gonna be annual.

loganbdh1793d ago

Great games aren't made annually.

Metallox1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

Each Call of Duty is generally very good, but they are extremely similar when comparing to each other.

So here's the thing, you can make a great franchise even if you release entries annually, but don't expect some people to all those games if they are practically the same thing. Buying one title of annual series each three of four years, if anything, is more than enough.

SquidBuck1793d ago

I felt like SSB4 was extremely lacking in content, and I'm not about to go buy any amiibos.

Summons751793d ago

Smash bros 4 probably has more content than the first 3 combined and is getting more character's and stages as we speak....and you say it's lacking content?

SquidBuck1793d ago

Melee had wayyyy more content, and modes.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1793d ago

SSB4 has more content than any fighting game out now.

Even more content than games coming and already out.

SSB4 has the most content.

SquidBuck1793d ago

lol maybe more content than the ps plus version of driveclub xD

_-EDMIX-_1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

stand back folks, SSB4 has "less" content.

Bro they must have cut it all for DLC. /s

rjason121793d ago

Let's see around 800 trophies to 300
55+ characters to 25
45+ stages (doubled if counting the omega stages) to about 30 or so
Only thing melee has on wii u version is offline tournament (which you can now do online) adventure mode, and target smash, and you never know there could be any of that in dlc (doubt it, but never say never)

iplay1up21792d ago

I have to say I like Brawl better. Also when I have been playing Smash and only Smash For some reason I get a wiked lag online at times. I don't think it's my internet, cause it really only happens in Smash.

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Summons751793d ago

Good, Mario Kart and Smash are really special because they only push out one per generation so they pump everything they have into the development to make them something special. Annualizing anything is a stupid idea. It forces devs to rush and not put as much care into the games then try to lie about how amazing it is. Just look at COD, looks very same old, same old and they are trying to tell us things in the game have never been done before, a painful lie. Now look at games like MGSV or Fallout 4. It's been YEARS since the last installment and the games have been in development for 4-5 years at this point and people are going out of their minds because it's been so long and they are giving us tons of new things. Now look again at Assassin's Creed, the series hasn't been great since Brotherhood with a few better than others but Syndicate doesn't even look like AC anymore and it's not really exciting.

I'd rather wait for games so they get the time and care they need to be great instead of rushing crap out.

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