Have Former Mafia 3 Rumors Been Confirmed With Reveal Trailer

Mafia 3 rumors arose when 2K Games teased the world reveal of Mafia 3. As anticipation goes, many fans tossed around some solid opinions on what they thought would be included in the game. Since its reveal yesterday, some of the rumors that were in question were confirmed and then some.

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DirtyPete1797d ago

Well the trailer did form a mixed race man orphaned in the south sooo....

ratrace1796d ago

nothing mafia about this, giving this a miss

TeamLeaptrade1796d ago

I believe the main character plans to seek revenge on the Mafia, so it would kind of still qualify as a Mafia game, at least to me it does.

urwifeminder1796d ago

Day one for me love the setting and characters .