Jet Force Gemini Controls Gets New Update in Rare Replay

Today via Facebook, Rare ltd announced a Jet Force Gemini controls update. After Rare Replay released on the Xbox One earlier this week fans quickly grew somewhat disappointed with some of their old favorite games. While most games kept up with a classic take on modern gaming there was one title that left fans disappointed.

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DirtyPete1803d ago

They needed an update. I love the game but it was just too hard to play. Havent tried the new controls yet but I hope they are a bit better

DLConspiracy1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

I kind of feel the same way about Conker as well. The look stick is backwards. The jump in Jet Force was bad though..

3-4-51802d ago

I was waiting for an update or two to fix some bugs before I get this, but I can't wait to finally play Jet Force & Banjo-tooie for the first time.

3-4-51803d ago

That was pretty fast.

bouzebbal1802d ago

One of the best looking game of the N64. Also one of the best. Great action game back in time.