World of Warcraft: Legion Announced, Trailer & Details Revealed @ Gamescom 2015

Blizzard Entertainment announced World of Warcraft: Legion, the sixth expansion of the incredibly popular MMORPG.

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bradfh1792d ago

let wow die it is 10 years old, wow was fun but people want change. People want new game not the same crap you do like cod.

annus1792d ago

Over 5million active subs in a currently crap expansion isn't bad. That's a lot more than many AAA get in purchases, yet alone monthly payments.

Also just because x game exists doesn't mean y game can't be created. WoW isn't holding any other game back.

Mikeyy1792d ago (Edited 1792d ago )

I'd add to that when warlords came out, the subs shot back up to 10 million active subs. (Peak was 12 million during wrath of the lich king)

If Warlords was better then It could have retained more subs instead of falling to the current 5.6 mill.

There is no doubt the interest is there. They are nowhere close to needing to pull the plug on wow.

The problem is the crowd Blizzard caters to. This changes every expac. On Warlords they are really only catering to the hardcore raider crowd, and to be honest they are only a small fraction of players, as evident, your subs fell off once the rest of the user base got bored.

Blizzard needs to start doing more for the casuals like they used to, Not saying to stop making raids, but raids shouldn't be all you focus on, when only 5% of the user base even plays them.

In warlords they trivialized all the early content, making it super fast to progress virtually skimming over half the games content, so that raiders can quickly get to their meta end game, raiding. Screwing the other 95% of players in the process.

Raiders cannot be bothered to run 5 man heroics, so lets make them trivial, raiders cannot be bothered to run LFR, so lets make it trivial, raiders don't have time for professions, so lets gut professions.

This is what has happened the last 8 months of wow.

(P.S. Anybody else using the new edge browser getting extreme lag while typing in this reply box?)