'Destiny’ Players Shouldn’t Dismantle Old Weapons Yet For ‘The Taken King’

INQ: Veteran Destiny players know that the struggle with inventory space is real. However, the news that all weapons from year one won’t upgrade to the new power levels in The Taken King expansion isn’t a reason to go on a dismantling spree though. A Bungie Community Manager made that warning Wednesday to PlayStation and Xbox owners.

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maybelovehate1804d ago

I will never dismantle my FateBringer or Found Verdict. I am taking those to my grave, regardless of how dated and underpowered they become.

SuperbVillain1803d ago

i have a friend who just keeps buying the destiny DLCs and he swears this game is the shittt....i give him the blank stare all the time

ITPython1803d ago

The addiction is real... Not kidding, it's insane.

ABizzel11803d ago

I bought both DLC's, but got the game free which is probably why I don't have as much negative to say about Destiny ($40 vs. $100).

That being said I'm done, and passing on the Taken King. I get why they're doing this, but at the end of the day they're forcing you to play their way or struggle. Level cap is now 40, and with each DLC the weapon pow increased by just over 10%, so if it scales that means the new weapons will be around 35% more powerful than our old weapons (11% per every 2 levels).

And their response is basically oh well, you can still use them in basic crucible, and burn modifiers.

Enough is enough.

thorstein1803d ago

You and I can grab this for $20 because we've been there since Day 1. However, the Taken King doesn't seem all that expansive to me. A giant ship?

Some new weapons and Nolan North takes over as Dinkelbot? Why not just have my Dinkelbot die and I get a new one with a new skin?

And...whatever happened to Jupiter?

ABizzel11803d ago


The Taken King is $40. And after the nerfs, making current legendary gear useless, still refusing to upgrade the vault space more (at least on PS4 / XBO), and all the milking of the community, I simply cannot support this game anymore.

There are too many games coming out this holiday to keep spending hours in Destiny, and I have all 3 consoles, both handhelds, and a gaming PC so it's going to be a full holiday season for me anyway.

Also I think you mean Saturn it was shown off several times in alpha footage, but nowhere to be seen.

thorstein1803d ago

Totally agree. I just was wondering if you misread expansive for expensive.

I don't think I am going to get it either. Like you said, there are far too many high quality games coming out. It was fun while it lasted but I don't think that this is anything more than another expansion.

jmac531803d ago

There is not enough vault space to keep the weapons anyways.

Allsystemgamer1803d ago

Exactly. Plus with the needing that will be going down what's the point in keeping some of them lol