NBA 2K16 Dennis Schroder on German Cover, In-Game Screenshot Released

2K Sports will feature Atlanta Hawks point guard Dennis Schröder on the cover of the German edition of NBA 2K16. 2K recently released a screenshot of him sporting the new home white jersey of the Hawks in the game.

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ahmexxxx1802d ago

It should've been Dirk Nowitzki.

keenBlade1802d ago

Lol. I like Dennis. Not many people know, that after his his Father became incurable ill, he vowed to him that he was going to make his dream come true an will make it to the NBA one day
He has a very touching Story, and worked really hard to improve his game.

But nevertheless think that this is not a wise decision.I dont believe that he has such a big Fan base over here, to justify bein on the NBA2K cover.

He's not LeBron:)
Everybody loves LeBron (at least the LeBron Fans do ;) )

kuri11802d ago

We'll said. I have nothing against him but it seems like a bad idea. Last year, 2K featured Kevin Durant on the cover and even though he was injured the whole season they still managed to sell tons of copies. 2K should stick to superstars if they want to expand their fan base.