Boom Blox doing better than first thought?

Following a not so impressive first month on retail shelves, EALA and Steven Spielberg's physics-driven puzzle action title Boom Blox has sold over 450,000 copies since launch, publisher Electronic Arts revealed today.

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ElementX5606d ago

Boom Blox is really a fun game. It's not the most challenging so far (only 30 levels into the game) however I don't regret purchasing it.

SL1M DADDY5606d ago

Playing it alone is not what makes this game fun IMHO. I bought it the other day and have to say that it makes for a great game for couples or parties. It is a blast to compete with and it is easy enough that even those that don't play games can pick it up and enjoy making for great times with friends.

TheColbertinator5606d ago

450,000?Look thats a good number and all but the Wii has sold 25 million systems.450,000 is still considered a failure because the attach rate is way too low.Still its a good game.

ElementX5606d ago

Sold better than a lot of PS3 games.

orakga5606d ago

So full of class you are.
Are you a Republican?

TheColbertinator5606d ago

@Element X Why did you mention the PS3?I was'nt talking about that.I was talking about Boom Blox and the Wii

Fernando Rocker5606d ago

So, tell me: Is God of War 2 a failure?

It sold less than 2 million, with an intall base of 120 million.

deeznuts5606d ago

Subtract the amount of copies spielberg bought, that's your real number

orakga5606d ago

Oh snap dude... nice catch there.
GoW2 only did 2 million?

Ahh yes, I guess that's kind of a shame too.
And yes, I would say that that would be considered a non-success (or an almost-non-success) simply for the same reason (that's a 1.8%-ish conversion rate).

Hear me out just for a sec.

Think about when GoW2 was released. By then, many gamers had moved on from their PS2s and were not buying PS2 games simply because it was on "the old machine". I sure as hell didn't play it, and it was obviously my fault for not doing so. But that doesn't change the fact that GoW2 was not able to sell itself to as many people as it might have had it come out a few years earlier (say 2003?) when many gamers were still paying great attention to their PS2s. In fact, out of all my "gamer" buddies (by that I mean people around me who own 360s and PS3s), only one person played GoW2.

Or... maybe the other way to look at it is... the 120million "install base" terminology is misleading. Perhaps the "active userbase" was much much smaller than 120 million (40 million?), and by that measure, GoW2's conversion rate would be about 5%, which would make it a "decent success".

Sorry, it's really early in the morning right now. I hope my logic makes sense. =)

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MK_Red5606d ago

Even though it's not much compared to sales of other lesser Wii games, it's still great to see this game doing not so badly afterall.

Definitly one of the best games I've seen, up there with Super Mario Galaxy, Zack & Wiki and Metroid Prime 3.

Chubear5606d ago

I'm sorry but I think that statement is nonsensical. I have no clue how the gaming media and the Nintendo fanbase can tout this game as anything more than a basic 6.5/10 type game.

Yeah, thumb me down all you want but I'll state it clearly. This game is simply a parlour party game and not anywhere near what core gaming does in entertainment for gamers.

orakga5606d ago

With all due respect, I actually think Boom Blox is one of the best games for the Wii. Yes, it's a party game, but that alone shouldn't mean that it's bad. It's a party game that's actually UNIQUE, and beyond the carnival/mini game shovelware crowd.

It's still a shame that it only sold to 2% of the Wii crowd though... this game deserves to be at least in the 5% range (that would be... mm.... 1 million units I guess).

MK_Red5606d ago (Edited 5606d ago )

Well said Orakga.

Chubear, I'm not a Wii fan. Most people on N4G know how much I hate Wii and crappy casual games from Wii Fit to Carnival Games but Boom Blox is NOT like them. I swear. It's a well made game that has appeal to both casual and hardcore. 1UP gave it 10/10 and they are right. They game takes the best advantage of Wii-mote in any game.

Polluted5606d ago (Edited 5606d ago )

I don't know much about the game, but I hear it's good and it's good to see any quality software doing well on the wii.
The problem isn't the amount of shovelware being produced for the wii. I mean that's to be expected with any runaway success. The problem is the amount of uninformed people buying all the shovelware and ignoring quality titles like this.
Hopefully Boom Blox has legs otherwise why would anyone other than Nintendo bother making a quality game anymore?

poopsack5606d ago

I hate this game, not because its only another mini game fest, based off of a concept of creating a game out of a physics engine demo. But because I was forced to play this with my little nephew,who actually thinks its the best game ever. Not mario, not any other wii game that could go on as 'ok' to me, this, this game is the best game ever.

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