Final Fantasy XV's Leviathan Will be Summoned by a Female Character

During a stage demonstration at Gamescom yesterday, the Square Enix host mentioned that Leviathan will be summoned by a female character in Final Fantasy XV.

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Eiyuuou1791d ago

I'm just glad to hear that he's still in it.

Majin-vegeta1791d ago

Haven't summons always been cast by females?

Damien18011791d ago

Not always. Rydia, Garnet and Yuna are the only females that come in mind.

alti1791d ago

it's usually like owning a pet. You can assign them to whoever, but there are versions which only assign them to a single person.

Godmars2901791d ago

Character classes use to mean something in the game.

Hell, playing a damn game in the series use to mean something.

F0XHOUND1791d ago

Via a 25 minute cut scene! But I hope to see npc's join you outside of the band of brothers we currently have!

Godmars2901791d ago (Edited 1791d ago )

So what? From my understanding its a staged segment of the game. You don't or can't use it as an attack.

The devs saying as much. That the Leviathan summon was an actual level in the game.

Eiyuuou1791d ago

Where did you get that conclusion?

Eiyuuou1791d ago

I was actually referring to the not being able to use it part. Please, correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't the devs say that you had to defeat some of them in order to summon them? Gaining Leviathan after beating him doesn't sound like a weird conclusion imo.

Godmars2901791d ago

You had to beat summons in other games as well, only this is the first time where they are levels, then require certain conditions to be summoned as well. Not to mention that when summoned they're more act of gods.

Spotie1791d ago

So what? You're acting as if the treatment of Summons must be the same in each game. As if you should always be able to obtain every one.

Godmars2901791d ago

Summons aren't the same in every game. This time however player interaction/control comes off as being very limited. Their appearance as scripted as the time one saved Yuna from falling.

Elda1791d ago

So possibly after you beat the summon you obtain it like in a lot of FF games.

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