Shares of Sony fall on poor results, lower outlook

"The stock briefly hit $37.26, a 52-week low."

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grantps35428d ago

okay it will big deal

pwnsause5428d ago

this is most likely due to its cellphone division, still this is pointless, stocks will go back up again.

PirateThom5428d ago

Yeah, Sony are saying it's almost entirely due to the phones.

pwnsause5427d ago (Edited 5427d ago )

everything will be alright when the Xperia X1 launches.

juuken5428d ago

The stock market rises and then falls the same way. This isn't really news.

Xi5428d ago

it's the high price of oil. Which sucks becaues I bought sony about a year ago at 47.40, either way, It'll go back up during holidays. I expect a lot of blu-ray players, BRD, music/movie sales, and ps3/games sales.

good_game5428d ago

you should have bought Nintendo's stock options instead; you'ld be rich by now.

Xi5428d ago

Considering it'd have paid at around 87 a share and would only be able to pick up about half as many shares, I'd make no more. What I should've done is sold at 57 a share and made a couple hundred bucks.

Plus I still get paid a dividend off of sony's shares.

Either way, oil prices are bringing down consumer markets and it sucks, but if oil dives then there's fears of instability and the markets drop more.

Also, to those who disagreed, care to explain why? Are you saying I didn't by shares of SNE?

PirateThom5428d ago

This sliding economy has hurt a lot of companies, electronics are not essentials and it's hurting Sony and Microsoft.

The reason game consoles are doing well is because people have less to spend on entertainment, so try and get something they can use for longer.

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