1TB FIFA 16 Xbox One console with 12 months EA Access only £279.34

Dealspwn: If you're currently in the market for an Xbox One console then we seriously think you need to look no further. This latest deal will bag you a 1TB Xbox One console with FIFA 16 and 12 months of EA Access for only £279.34. We actually can't see it getting any better than that anytime soon.

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bggriffiths1806d ago

Argh, so close to what I want. Swap FIFA out for something better later in the year like Rise of the Tomb Raider and I think I'll bite.

Although the 1TB model isn't as essential seeing as you can use external drives on the XO (please sort this out Sony)

BlackPanther1806d ago

The PS4 can only hold 2TB. I ope they add external support soon, I see no reason why not. And it is faster than Sata II.

Cohagen4201806d ago

? I've seen ppl swap out a 3 or 4 TB internal HDD.

fermcr1806d ago

Yep... I'll also bite a X1/TombRaider bundle.

... but, a X1/Fallout4/TombRaider bundle would be better :)

1806d ago
AutoCad1806d ago

Great Value for Fifa fans..Especially with the 12 month EA Access.

TeamLeaptrade1806d ago

Would like to see Microsoft release a bundle that actually has a design on the Xbox One. It seems like they only do it for their exclusive titles.